Yellow Aura

The yellow aura energy originates from the solar plexus chakra, which is the chakra of willpower, creativity, and intelligence. Yellow is an inherently positive color which is an indicator of a cheerful, playful, and easy going personality. Yellow colors found in the aura will have different shades, and tones given to their meaning depending on the intensity of color observed, and where they are found in the aura.

Yellow Heart Chakra

Those with this alignment are friendly, warm hearted personalities. They don't understand why they can't have fun at all times. These individuals feel that life should be pleasant and fun. They tend to be very sensual in nature always seeking to please their physical senses.

Possessing a yellow heart chakra will make you a beacon of light in any situation. People suffering from negativity will find comfort just being in your presence as the yellow ray dispels negativity with ease. You will also tend to be a very sensitive individual.

Be careful not to allow your light to be dimmed by other who lack this strong personal power. Some people may even harbor a degree of subconsciously driven disdain for you as they fear your power to overcome negativity.

This alignment resonates at a high vibrational frequency.

Throat and Third Eye Chakras

The yellow energy ray is the primary energy used by third density humans. This is the ray of energy of the human ego. Those with a great deal of yellow in their auras especially near the heart, throat, and third eye chakras have a healthy sense of ego. They are defining themselves as individuals and are expressing their individual truth.

In the third eye the yellow aura energy is an indicator of one who possesses strong mental capabilities. They have self control and can easily use their willpower for concentration, manifestation, and creativity. The individual has a healthy sense of self and understands that self knowledge and mastery are the keys to the multidimensional universe.

Crown Chakra

The ego becomes unhealthy when we allow it to become unbalanced with the other aspects of our consciousness. More often than not we allow the yellow energy ray to enter into the crown chakra where it will attempt to dominate the higher self with third dimensional judgments and experiences about the multi-verse in which we exist. This is why we deny the fact that we live in a multi-verse, rather calling it a “universe”.

Yellow in the crown chakra is not necessarily a negative alignment. The out come is primarily based off of one's own defense mechanisms, nature, upbringing, and experiences. These may be grounded in present or past life issues.

In this alignment the yellow ray may be used to further one's spirituality and define one's self based on the premises of willpower and creativity. This alignment may indicate an individual who has a powerful ability to communicate with the universe as a whole, which leads to the ability to manifest ones' thoughts into reality.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow aura energy is at home when it is in the third chakra. In this case the individual has a healthy sense of self, uses will power to manifest desires into one's life, and has a healthy balance of higher self, ego, and subconsciousness.

Issues also arise when yellow aura energy is observed in the sacral and root chakras.

Yellow aura energy observed in the sacral chakra may indicate an individual who is attempting to control their emotions too tightly. This type of control will, overtime, cause the sacral chakra to close and lose its energetic potency. Dark energy spots as well as a dull murky yellow color may develop over time.

Yellow aura energy in the sacral chakra area may also be an indicator of one who transmutates their emotional energy into other energetic forms and uses it for other means. In this case the sacral chakra will actually be empowered and will appear as a brilliant yellow sun.

In the root chakra yellow energy may be an indicator of one who feels like they need to control their environment in order to survive. In this alignment creative energies are geared toward worry and thus tend to be suppressed. A yellow root chakra has a tendency to involve too much ego in the grounding process and generally creates fear based energies around issue related to loss and abandonment.

Healing With Yellow Aura Energy

If you feel that your ego is getting in the way of your spiritual development doing some basic auric cleansing and meditations can help to bring the ego into alignment with the rest of the consciousness.

Often times we just need to remind ourselves of the ego's true function... to aid us in interacting with the physical world. Its function is to help us use our judgment, discernment, and logical mind when dealing with logical day to day decisions.

Problems arise when we become unconscious of our higher-self and subconsciousness. These operate at levels that supersede the physical world and do not adhere to the logic of the physical world. We need this insight in order to operate at our maximum potential, which is unlimited in scope.

Feelings of being “stuck” or even “imprisoned” come from the domination of the ego over the unlimited aspects of ourselves.

You can heal this condition by bringing the egoic energy down from the higher chakras and seeing it fill the lower chakras. This is a powerful energy and you must do something with it. Use this energy to do the things you've always wanted to. Use this energy to explore the unlimited potential available to you.

If you do the meditation part by fail to do anything with the energy chances are good that you will return to the state you were in prior to meditation.

Fill the areas you took the energy from and fill it with other energies. This will keep an aggressive ego from going back from where it came.

Surrounding the Ego with Light

There are many psychic practices which require the ego to step out of the way. Astral projection, clairvoyance, automatic writing, and reiki are a few of these practices. Visualizing your ego's bright yellow energy surrounded by light while doing your spiritual practices will significantly increase your success rate.


Addictions are a result of the corruption of the ego's programing. Instead of self preservation, the ego then turns to self destruction. Rather than being a force of will, it turns on its self and creates a lack of will. This is usually a result of negative programing acquired during childhood or other times you are susceptible to negative influence.

When I quit smoking I notices that when my ego felt inadequate it tended to send me powerful signals that I needed a cigarette. At the instruction of my reiki master, I surrounded my ego with light and it was no longer able to send that type of influence towards me.

Visualize a bright yellow aura surrounding that aspect of yourself. Know that this light contains the original programing of your ego. This light is healing and purifying the ego as well as keeping it from interfering with your willpower. After several healing sessions with your ego you may find that you feel more free, more infinite, and more able to affect change in your life.

Other Yellow Aura Colors

Yellow melds very well with others colors, lightening the shade and calming down intensity of other colors.

Instead of red yellow may create orange or pink.

Instead of navy blue, which is associated with a stern authoritarian personality, yellow will lighten the spirit to green.

Yellow aura energy can even lighten the serious religious tones of deep purple to make spirituality not so serious and maybe introduce a little fun.

Corruption in the yellow energy ray can be seen by dull yellow overtones. This indicates a lack of love for the self and possible self destructive tendencies. People with severe addiction are usually seen with muddy and very weak yellow tones. You can clean these tones with gold light, and bright yellow light.

Sunlight resonates very strongly with the solar plexus chakra and projects strong yellow aura energy. Just laying down on a sunny day and consciously absorbing the suns rays can help with yellow aura energy deficiency.

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