Telepathy the Universal Language

Telepathy is the transmission of thoughts, ideas, feelings or sensations between two or more beings and is the universal method of communication. We often communicate on a telepathic level but are largely unaware of this communication. This is due to the fact that humans are composed of a subconscious mind, a conscious mind, and a super conscious mind. We largely communicate on a conscious level using sound wave frequencies produced by the vocal cords and are in turn received using our physical ears. This form of communication is limited largely by the distance these sound wave frequencies can travel, though modern technology, namely the invention of the cellular phone, has greatly increased the distance of this form of communication.

Because we as a society overdevelop our conscious minds and neglect the integrated development of the super conscious mind, we do not understand, and even fear the sub-conscious mind. This crates barriers in our ability to both send and receive telepathic messages.

Learning to send telepathic messages as well as receiving them is essential to learning this invaluable skill. If you are expecting an answer in return you must be able to listen for that answer. Telepathic "listening" is very different then listening with the conscious mind. We are used to passively listening or "hearing" answers or responses to what we have said to another person.

As a result of noise pollution we are even starting to train our selves only to hear rather than to listen. Noise pollution is one of the biggest barriers to the learning of psychic abilities and keeps us at a distance from our higher levels of consciousness.

Yet we are very adept as a species at telepathic transmissions. The knowledge of telepathy is there but pushed down into our sub-conscious minds where we desperately attempt to communicate with each other at a deeper level. We are used to communicating suppressed feelings of love as well as suppressed negative emotions which we are afraid to communicate. The key to telepathy is understanding and validating our emotions and thoughts as opposed to suppressing them, and moving these to higher levels of consciousness. At the conscious level of thinking we can then choose to communicate these thoughts with our super consciousness.

Retraining the Mind

The beauty of telepathy is its simplicity. It requires only that you listen intently with pure consciousness. For some, overcoming the habits of thinking and multitasking while others are trying to communicate with you will be more difficult.

There are a variety of simple techniques to help you build your awareness of your natural telepathic powers.

Listen with your full attention during conversations. Try to pick up the full message your partner is trying to convey.

Awareness of Self and Others
When you are speaking, what message are you truly trying to relay? If you find that you are trying to convey thoughts or feelings which you have repressed, simply be aware of the fact that you have repressed them and that you would like to communicate them. Perhaps it would be inappropriate to communicate this to the human aspect of your communication partner, by on the soul's level it would be more acceptable. This helps heal relationships.

Isochronic Tones
Listen to isochronic tones. This will help you to retrain your mind by linking the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Doing this will help you to experience whole brain functionality as well as raise your vibrational frequencies which is necessary for the use of most psychic abilities.

I highly recommend the Unexplainable Store's variety of Isochronic tones. The pleasant musical tones make you want to train your brain to become a better listener. After listening your will find that your telepathic abilities are unfolding naturally and with seemingly little effort on your part.

You should never have to use effort while unlocking any psychic power, as they are innately a part of you and you already possess the power within you at all times.

Potential of Telepathy

Telepathy is the universal language. It is the primary mode of communication in the astral plane and all other higher planes of existence beyond the astral plane. Understanding how telepathy works prior to astral projection experiences will help you to understand and remember your astral projection experiences better.

It is unlimited in scope and not restricted by space or technological achievement like sound wave communication is. The uses of telepathy are virtually unlimited. It could potentially be used to communicate instantly with beings on other planets, planes of existence, plants, animals, and to code crystals. If one was to gain a good working knowledge of telepathy in the modern world as it is today one could use it very unscrupulously to read and influence the minds of others. It is a natural evolutionary process which favors those with superior ability.

Empathy: Communicating on an Emotional Level

The transmission and reception of emotions is the most common form of telepathic communication among humans. This is due to the fact that humans are very emotional creatures. Because almost all societies teach us at one form or another to repress our emotions (males more than females) we have learned to sub-consciously communicate them using empathic transmissions. Have you ever walked into a room and suddenly felt a heavy, sullen, gloomy, or dismal feeling only to learn later that there had been a heated argument before you walked in? Or maybe you have been having a wonderful day until a certain person showed up? This is usually due to the fact that people are broadcasting their emotions in mass. This is an unfocused form of telepathy which creates psychic pollution and generally lowers the broadcaster's as well as the receivers' vibrational frequencies. Click here for exercises to develop empathic telepathy.

Being in our current position of psychic development as a society it is necessary to learn to shield ourselves from unwanted energy before we open ourselves up to desired transmissions using psychic self-defense techniques. We need to shield ourselves from unwanted energies so we can make room for the wanted energies.

Direct Mental Telepathy

Not only is it possible to communicate emotions but it is also possible to directly communicate thoughts, concepts, and images. This method of communication is the most advanced form of mental telepathy and requires us to understand that communication can transcend the limitations of human linguistics. When receiving a direct telepathic transmission we will often receive the concept rather than the words of the object which is being conveyed. Depending on the intellectual understanding of the being receiving this information the being will understand the information or not understand it. Depending on the imaging capabilities of the transmitter as well as the receiver an image may also accompany the concept. Developing the intuition and clairvoyant faculties will help in the development of telepathy.

For those wanting to enhance the powers of their minds, empathy is a good starting point. It will help you gain an awareness of the self and to clean up unwanted emotions. Learning these techniques will help you focus your empathic transmission as a direct and focused beam of light rather than a blunt and unfocused broadcast. Unlike many exercises to awaken your psychic powers these do not require you to sit in quiet meditation but rather go about your day with a heightened sense of awareness of your emotional state as well as the emotional states of others. It can add a fun and interesting element to your day. It will also help to clear up some elements of relationships at home and at work.

Developing Empathy to Unlock Telepathic Abilities
Harness your empathic power to learn what others are feeling. Learning to recognize this power is the first step in unlocking your psychic powers.

Mental Telepathy
Human language has evolved for thousands of years and continues to evolve to this day. Direct mind to mind communication is a necessary component in not only our spiritual evolution, but also our social and physical evolution.

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