Root Chakra Activation

Being the chakra of physicality, survival, and manifestation the secrete to unlocking the root chakra is not in deep meditation but actually by interacting with the physical world. Getting plenty of exercise is the single best method of activating this chakra.

Spiritual WalksOne thing I found to keep this chakra healthy is to take spiritual walks or hikes one to two times a week. During these walks practice awareness. Don't get carried away in thoughts or fantasies (especially fear or worry based thoughts) as this will keep the root chakra from actually opening. Just keep your self present and self aware. Take in the experience of the walk and feel the connection you have to the Earth with every step. With every breath feel the fresh air cleansing your chakras and removing any negative energies from your system.

Prepare Your Own FoodOther simple exercises you can do is to prepare your own food. Because food is a necessary part of survival it is very empowering for the root chakra to handle and prepare your own food from fresh, natural ingredients.

GardeningBetter yet, set up a small garden (if you have the space) and grow a portion of your own food. There is nothing better for this chakra than the physical activity of gardening. If you live in an apartment you can even grow a very small amount of food out of pots or containers.

Other activities such as working out, sports, dancing, house cleaning, and earning money also help to activate the root chakra. Qi Gong, Tai Qi, and Yoga are sets of exercises specifically designed to activate and maintain the health of the chakra system.


One unfortunate thing that I see too often are those people who talk negatively about themselves. Because the first chakra is the chakra of self awareness this kind of self talk will do nothing but pollute this chakra with negativity and cause it to close all together. Replace this negative self talk with positive affirmations to build your self confidence.

Here are some affirmations which can be said to support the well being of the root charka. These affirmations help to support positive self image, survival skills, and interactions with the physical world. Notice that all affirmations are said in the present tense. Never use the world should or try. Always keep affirmations positive instead of saying “I never get sick” instead say “I am healthy at all times” or “I have perfect health”.

I know who I am, I am comfortable with who I am and I do not need to add anything or take anything away to be the perfect child of god which I was created to be.

I am able to provide for my needs. I am manifesting all the things I need and desire at every moment. I am a creator and I decide which experiences I will have.

My body is healthy. I have infinite energy available to me to do all the things which I came into this life to do. My body regenerates quickly and completely and I am free of pain at all times.

Meditation to Cleanse and Empower the Root Chakra

The grounding cord meditation is the single best exercise to keep the root chakra in good working order. The grounding cord is a thought-form which can be conjured and programed in order to keep you grounded in adverse situations (when most of us tend to become ungrouned). Staying grounded helps us to be more present in tense situations as well as allowing us to continue to receive Earths nourishing energy.

You can also infuse and clean your first chakra with energy. Visualize your chakra as a brilliant fan of light. Though this chakra's color is red your chakra may be a different color. This is ok so long as this color is vibrant (no dull or ruddy colors). See if you notice any dark areas around this chakra as this is a sign that there my be negative energy present. If you notice any dark spots you can clean this areas by gently sending white and golden light through this chakra to dispel an negative energy which may have attached itself to your root chakra. See your chakra clean and powerful. What ever color your chakra is visualize that color gleaming and glowing as bright as the sun. Feel your chakras power and know that you have the ultimate power over your own life... to manifest the things you want, to have the experiences you want, and the degree of health you want.

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