Red Aura Colors

Red aura colors have a diverse and unique meaning when present in the aura. These meanings can range from passionate sexual love, to a powerful spiritual healer, to an angry and hateful personality. All this depends on where red is present, if it is the dominant color, how it blends with other colors found in the aura, and the shade of red observed.

A red aura is typically associated with the root chakra, as this chakra is generically thought of to be red. Therefore, the presence of this color would indicate a low vibration of color indicating an individual with low vibrational frequencies and a lack of spiritual development. I disagree, however, with this common assumption.

Electric Red and Brilliant Red Aura Colors

This color is a very bright shade of red and often appears to have brilliant white in or around the boarders of the aura. This is a very rare color to see in most people as this color usually indicates a powerful energy healer. Even energy healers will not have this color in their aura all the time, but while channeling Reiki energy for the purpose of healing a physical malady, this color may appear around the entirety of the healer and flood the patient's own aura before being soaked in by the physical body.

Having said this this bright red aura color helps support the immune system by energizing the circulatory system and supporting the heart, blood hemoglobin, arteries, and veins. When receiving this type of energy you may feel very hot at first as the energy warms and energizes the body.

Bright Red Aura Colors

Bright red, like brilliant red, indicates physical vitality having a strong association with the circulatory system. It also indicates passion, a strong and healthy sexual desire, love for the physical and sensuality, and a strong resonation with physical activity including sports and manual labor.

If this color appears in a specific area of the aura the individual's energy system may be sending energy to the corresponding area of the body to accelerate physical healing in that area. This may be coupled with minor inflammation, swelling, or fever. This is a good indicator that the energy system is well adapted and responding in an appropriate way to physical injuries or sickness in the body.

If this is the dominating color of the aura this person has a very physical disposition. They will be happiest in a job that allows them to physically control their environment by preforming physical work. A dominant bright red aura indicates strong love for sensuality and sex. This type of sex is a very passionate and physical sex. These colors may blend in with other colors depending on the emotional and physical nature of the sexual encounter. When red teeters into pink this indicates a very loving and deeper emotional level of sexual expression, whereas a darker red to ruddy red indicates an animalistic to violent sexual expressions.

Crimson and Blood Red Aura Colors

Crismson and blood red aura colors indicate fleeting, angry energy. This is not necessarily negative energy unless the anger persists for long periods of time. Anger is a powerful energy which can be used as a tool but has a very short “shelf life”. If the energy persists for even several hours this energy will “rot” so to speak, causing a ruddy red aura color. This energy is often stored in the body causing further anger, irritation, and health problems. If the nature of the anger is one of passion where the anger is used to inspire or empower you this is the type that can be used as a tool and is seen as an impressive display of crimson, like an beautiful bird ruffling its feathers.

Blood red is seen where anger brings up hidden energies to help in survival situations. This is usually only ever observed in individuals who are “locked” in survival mode so to speak.

Earthen Red, Terracotta, Brown Aura Colors

An earthen color such as terracotta or brown is a difficult color to perceive in the auric field but does exist none the less. These types of colors indicate a personality which is stead fast, reliable, down to earth, and materialistic. The spiritual side of individuals with lots of this color in their aura is expressed through work related to the Earth such as hunting, gardening, farming, and ranching. The simple mindedness of this color lends us to look towards the amorous cowboy as a western form of Zen simplicity.

There is a negative side to this as brown can be and readily does teeters on the ruddy red aura color.

Ruddy Red

A ruddy red aura color would appear as a sickly brown color like dirt mixed with blood. It indicates a corruption in vital energy. This corruption is usually caused by stored anger, irritation, and malice.

Depending on where this color is found in the aura, this may indicate an energy blockage caused by stored anger or irritation. One good example of this is some one who injured their leg on a shopping cart incident at the grocery store. The person became irate about the injury and held onto this energy for a week. By the time I gave this individual a Reiki treatment what would have been a simple bruise became a long term pain caused by an energy blockage which kept the body from absorbing the amount of Earth energy it required.

If this is seen as the dominant color in the aura this is usually a very bad sign of major energy blockages in several of the major chakras in the body. An individual like this lives a life of karmic patterns based around anger and a complete lack of love for other and live in general. They will generally experience poor health, lack of energy, and will have a quick temper which is terrible to witness.

Stress and Auric Wounds

Though bright red aura colors are generally a good sign of physical vitality and a healthy relationship to physical existence people with lots of red in their auras are prone to stress.

Stress is simply the over stimulation of the energy system placing your physical and spiritual bodies in survival mode. When this happens over extended periods of time the aura will adapt in such a way as to reflect the constant over stimulation and taxation of the multidimensional body. This may appear as a wound in the aura where this over stimulated energy is going. It will look like a dark, blood red red patch radiating bright red light around the edges. This shows that vital energy is going into the area being affected by stress.

Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras
If this type of auric structure appears around or over the head it indicates over stimulation of the mental and intellectual capabilities. Stressful management positions where you are required to use your intellect and judgment constantly to direct many employees at once can cause this. Also university student burdened with processing large amounts of data will have a similar effect.

Heart Chakra
When an auric wound is found around the heart chakra this would indicate a deep wound from a lost loved one or relationship change which the individual is having difficulties overcoming. Those that lose loved ones unexpectedly (especially children) and tragically, have deep wound in the aura around the heart chakra. This is generally not considered stress by it shows up that way in the aura.

Solar Plexus Chakra
Low self esteem, passing constant judgment against the ego, self abuse, or abuse by others for an extended period of time can manifest as a wound around the solar plexus chakra. This type of stress hurts the ego in a way that it becomes very difficult to love yourself, others and the physical world around you. Deep rooted guilt can also cause stress which manifests as energy blockages.

Sacral and Root Chakras
Wounds around the lower portion of the body around the sacral or root chakras are also indicators of emotional and sexual abuse which occurred over an extended period of time. These lead to energy blockages and manifest as anger and resentment in the aura. This anger and resentment can manifest negativity in future relationships.

Clearing Auric Wounds

The methods of clearing out excessive red color from the aura will very due to the diverse energy which the spectrum of red encompasses. Auric wounds are generally easily healed with crystals, though these are usually reopened in time if the underlying mental, emotional, and spiritual issues remain unaddressed.

Becoming invulnerable to stress by empowering yourself as a being with unlimited potential is ultimately the simplest, most sustainable approach to healing your energy system. To do this activate each chakra in sequence paying constant attention to the condition of your chakras to keep them clear and balanced. My chakra activation and clearing exercises can be found under my psychic healing page.

Clearing Ruddy Red Aura Colors

These colors, if noticed in the aura should be cleared immediately. This can be done with crystals, meditation, visualization exercises, or energy work such as Reiki. I rarely pass judgment on something by labeling it as “bad” but this aura color can be responsible for many of the aches and pains people believe “come with age”. The real truth behind what they are saying is that with age most people accumulate anger, resentment, negative beliefs about themselves and the universe which cause these energy blockages which lead to aches and pains.

You can use vibrantly colored and positively charged crystals on the effected area to enhance the vibration energy of the aura. This generally transforms the ruddy red energy into bright red energy which will stimulate accelerated healing. The other colors of the aura may also come flooding in to balance those areas and bring them into attunment with the rest of the energy body.

Energy Work
Giving yourself an aura cleansing will help to remove these energies. You can give yourself a cleansing with out even needing to see the colors in the aura. While doing this you work with your higher self as well as spiritual guides to remove negative energies from the aura.

Releasing Negativity
Releasing anger and resentment and forgiving others and situations will help you to release negative energies from your aura. Use the grounding cord while doing this so you can release the energy into the core of the Earth where it will burn it away and neutralize it.

Psychic Healing With Red Energy

Each color in the vibrational spectrum has a specific use in psychic healing. Red is a color of physical vitality and is best suited for use when healing vital wounds such as cuts, scrapes, bruises, and lethargy.

Avoid using red for fevers, inflammation, anxiety, and headaches.

Red can be easily brought into the aura by simply doing the earth and cosmic energy exercises and visualizing red energy entering into your body from the feet and the crown chakras. Always use an electric or bright red to heal never a ruddy, or blood red color.

It is best to practice this before you actually need to do the healing as it takes time to develop the concentration and visualization skill necessary to heal effectively at the physical level. Have fun with the exercise and make it into an exciting and positive experience. These simple steps will go along ways in developing your psychic healing abilities.

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