Purple Aura Colors

Purple aura colors signify themselves in individuals who possess spiritual wisdom. Purple, violet and indigo auras are all of a high vibrational spectrum of color related to the sixth and seventh chakras. The location where purple is found in the aura and the intensity of color observed will all be indicators of one’s spiritual and psychic condition.

Puurple Aura Violet Flame

Purple aura colors found at the outer edges of the aura signify spiritual wisdom which is starting to come into the individuals consciousness. When purple is seen in the upper areas of the body around the head and shoulders this may be an indicator of spiritual guidance from your spirit guides. Advanced clairvoyants may also see the brilliant white or electric blue colors of spiritual guides and guardian angels accompanied by purple aura colors.

The Throat Chakra

Purple aura energy seen around the throat chakra signifies the ability to voice one’s own truth and the ability to help others find their spiritual truth through the cunning use of words or even telepathic ability. In fact, purple hues found around the throat chakra are an indicator of one who is adept at the use of telepathy even if they do not consciously know this. If you are one of these individuals you may benefit from raising your consciousness and opening up to your own natural telepathic abilities. Do this by practicing telepathy frequently and documenting your results to improve your confidence in your unique skills.

The Heart Chakra

Radiating a purple aura from around your heart chakra could be an indicator of one whose perception of love comes from the universal consciousness. Individuals with purple energy around their heart area feel the divine love of the creator within themselves and radiate it to others unconditionally. If one is feeling lonely one would benefit from visualizing violet energy entering through the crown chakra and flowing through the heart chakra. See this energy flowing through you to other people, to the planet, and back to the creator. This will help you realize that you are never really alone, but always with and part of the one creator.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Because the solar plexus chakra is the center of one’s will power purple energy seen in or around this chakra is a sign that one’s will is deeply connected with the universal will. One’s actions are guided by deep spiritual knowledge. Individuals with purple hues in the solar plexus chakra have strong will power and the ability to concentrate. This condition will allow the individual to manifest with ease, as their manifestations are also in alignment with the universal will.

Purple energy is rarely found in the lower chakra as these chakras generally deal with more dense Earth energies. However, one can bring in purple cosmic energy in to the second chakra to calm turbulent emotional states. While you breathe purple cosmic energy into the second chakra know that being present is the natural state of the universe. There are no past traumas which haunt you and there is no future to worry about. Once you have understood this and are completely present, any emotional turmoil which is still within you will lessen significantly. Know that these painful emotions are not your identity but something that is happening inside you as a reaction to excessive thinking and dwelling on the past or on the future.

Conversely, too much purple energy found around the lower chakras may indicate an imbalance between the spiritual and physical worlds. This occurs in individuals that forsake the physical world for total engrossment in spiritual pursuits. If this is happening to you make sure to break up your spiritual routine to take care of your physical body by eating a healthy diet and getting physical exercise. Taking care of material needs will help you secure yourself soundly between the physical and spiritual worlds. Remember we were placed on the physical plane not to forsake it but to gather experience of the physical nature and to learn from the experiences which can only be gathered from 3-D living.

Psychic Ability and Purple Aura Colors

The energy emanating from the third eye is generally thought of as being indigo colored in nature. Large amounts of indigo in the aura generally indicate one who is strong with intuitive, clairvoyant, and precognitive abilities. Higher vibrational colors such as purple and violet indicate one who has acquired a deep sense of oneness with what that individual perceives as “god” or the universal consciousness. People with this frequency no longer need to seek for their own identity and feel completed and whole as an individual. This is not because they have gathered a certain amount of esoteric knowledge but because they found these qualities within themselves.

Increasing psychic ability with Indigo Energy

If you notice that your third eye chakra is emanating low vibrational colors such as red, orange, or yellow and want to develop your psychic ability you may be able to accelerate your psychic growth by increasing the amount of indigo, purple, and violet energy into your auric field around the third eye chakra. Visualize this energy coming in through your crown chakra and exiting through your third eye as a beam of violet light. See your chakra spinning faster and faster with the violet light transforming and opening your chakra to your psychic and intuitive abilities.

People with issues visualizing and gaining psychic sight will see an improvement in their clairvoyant abilities over time with improved concentration. When doing this exercise try to concentrate on feeling and seeing your third eye spinning for as long as possible. See the beam of purple aura light as clearly as possible. Over time your visualizations will become so clear and concentrated that you will gain flashes of visions where you will see this beam as clearly as if you were seeing them with your physical eyes. This is the point where you know you are on the right track to developing clairvoyance.

Psychic Healing and the Violet Flame

Because violet energy is of such a high vibrational frequency, negative energy cannot exist where this energy is present. One way to clear dark spots from your aura is to bring this energy into your auric field to raise your vibrational frequency. You can harness the power of the violet flame by visualizing violet colored fire surrounding and entering into your being. The stronger your visualization and concentration the more effective the violet flame will become at removing and guarding against negativity. By doing this exercise on a regular basis you should see an improvement in your overall physical and mental health, as well as the amount of vital energy you have access to.

Another way to use the violet flame is to see this energy entering into your first chakra. Allow this energy to move up your spine activating each chakra on its ascent to the crown chakra. You should feel a slight pressure on your spine and a warming sensation in your body. This exercise is especially useful for healing your energy from internal negativity and bringing your into a deeply relaxed state from which you can enter astral projection as well as access other psychic abilities.

Purple aura energy is closely related to the third eye chakra and thus strong visualization abilities are needed to truly harness this powerful energy. The practical uses of this energy is virtually limitless. The practice, patience, and time it takes to use this energy is well worth the riches it can bring into your daily life.

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