Psychic Attack

The concept of psychic attack has been around for centuries and has been associated with many practices such as witchcraft, voodoo, black magic, necromancy, and psychic vampirism. In fact, at many different points in our history, this type of “magic” was so feared that people were commonly executed in horrible ways just because they were suspected of being a “witch”.

What is psychic attack?

This type of aggression is caused by the manipulation of energies and or entities with the intention of causing harm to another. Most psychic attacks are not carried out with conscious intention to harm another. Many people carry out psychic attacks when they send negative energy at another person because they feel they were wronged in some way. Because people as a whole are unaware of their psychic capabilities this type of unconscious behavior is extremely dangerous.

It is like a child playing with a loaded gun with the safty set to "off".

Types of Psychic Attack

I place psychic attacks into one of three categories.

Psychic Vampirism
Read more about psychic vampirism here. This type of psychic attack is facilitated with the use of trendils, a vampiric appendage which develops in the aura of entities who have deficient energy systems. This type of psychic attack is not usually done out of malice, but out of hunger for more energy. The trendils are subconsciously controlled, but can also be consciously controlled (like one's breathing).

Not all psychic vampires are human. Some are astral entities which leech off your energy field. These entities can hang around you for years if not “exorcized”. Clearing your living space of negative energy and entities on a regular basis is a must.

Protecting yourself against psychic vampirism can be done relatively easily. Though constant vigilance is needed if you live or work around a known psychic vampire. Use the psychic shield technique to protect your aura from being punctured by the trendils. Once the aura is protected you can give yourself an aura cleansing to heal the puncture wounds.

Psychic vampires have an innately low vibrational frequency astral body. Raising your own vibrational frequency can place you on a completely different level making your energy inaccessible to the psychic vampire's tendrils.

Telepathic Broadcasting
There are people who act as nodes for the broadcasting of negative energies. These people follow the negative path of spirituality and want everyone to do the same. Very few people do this consciously and those that do act consciously do so out of spite for the wold and everyone in it. Fortunately there may only be a handful of people on the planet who do this with awareness.

They are lost and confused. The negative path of spirituality is the lack of consciousness, the lack of self empowerment, and the lack of connection to the all that is. The delusion that they do not have control over their own energy gives them the capabilities to be subconsciously controlled by negative entities to carry out this type of work.

These people possess innately powerful telepathic abilities. Empaths can feel their presence and their energy shrinks in the presence of a telepathic broadcaster.

It is easy to identify this type of psychic attack. You can feel a heaviness typical of negative energy when you are around this person. It is more difficult to use your personal power. You ability to communicate your truth and use your psychic powers is diminished. You may spontaneously experience depression, anxiety, headache and other symptoms of mental distress.

The message is always the same. It is a message of hate, apathy, confusion, control, and individual dis empowerment. You can see this all too frequently in people of powerful positions particularly in the religious, political, and corporate environment. Negative entities help them get into these positions of power in order to amplify their ability to spread negative energy and carry out psychic attacks on anyone who may be “at risk” of dissent and who are opening up to their spiritual potential. The goal is to keep everyone down.

These people are not aware of what they are doing. The negative entity keeps their awareness low while feeding them scraps of infused knowledge and intuition in order to help them gain more power.

Eventually the vessel self-destructs under the psychological burden of all that negativity. This leads to ill mental and physical health. They are physically forced from their position. When this happens the negative entity has accomplished its task and leaves the vessel with nothing.

This type of behavior is so contagious and so destructive that entities from other dimensions and other planets have taken notice. Some have volunteered to incarnate on Earth with physical bodies simply to act as a node of positive energy to raise the vibrational frequencies of Earth and counter act negative energy.

You need to have strong mental fortitude and know your truth in order to counter act this type of psychic attack. When you are in alignment with your truth, negative broadcasts are ineffective against you. Have your grounding cord and psychic shield on at all times to defend yourself against unfocused negative energy. Program your grounding cord to automatically send all negative energy down into the center of the Earth where is will be neutralized.

Concentrated Attacks -Curses, Hexes, and Necromancy
Luckily most people with the capability to carry out intentional and malicious psychic attack are also spiritually advanced enough to understand why they should not do these things. A curse or hex is a ritual spell with the intention of sending out negative energy at a person or situation. It is the least common form of psychic attack.

With powerful abilities of concentration it is possible to focus your negative thoughts about someone or something and intend something negative to manifest in the physical reality of that person or situation. This can also be done by creating negative thought-forms in order to carry out psychic attack on someone.

Anyone who does this runs the risk of the attack coming back and rebounding on them. If the attack is repelled or cannot reach the target the energy must return to the transmitter. If you are tempted to do this, first think about what positive things you could do for yourself with this energy. Why would you want to take away from someone else when you could give to yourself with the same amount of energy and effort?

Necromancy is the ability to communicate with spirits, particularly the spirits of deceased humans. There is no innate harm in this and can also be a positive thing for both you and the spirit involved.

People can, through ritual magic or psychic ability, ensnare a spirit to do their bidding. This could include psychic attack. Spirits with positive alignments cannot be conscripted to preform psychic attack. This is because those spirits have found their truth and I can assure you their truth does not involve harming others.

That leaves the necromancer with the sole option of meddling with negative entities to do their bidding. This is dangerous for the necromancer as negative entities do not care about anyone but themselves. They will betray the necromancer as soon as they get a chance. The same laws that govern curses, hexes, and thought-forms will apply in this situation. As soon as the necromancer's energy is low the spirit will come back instantly and will then become the master of the necromancer.

Taking Personal Responsibility

Most of us have at one time carried out a psychic attack on some one else. This was done out of lack of awareness. This energy may be rebounding on you and that is why you found this page. Often the people who are suffering from psychic attack are actually attacking themselves. They are experiencing a steady flow of negative energy because they have been putting out negative energy for a long time.

If you feel you are under psychic attack then you probably are!

The first thing your should do is do a self-audit. Ask yourself with the intention of seeing the truth, if you have been thinking negative thoughts about people. Ask yourself if you have a damaged energy system and have been practicing psychic vampirism. Do you harbor and entertain thoughts of gaining power over others, or do you find you are filled with hatred towards many people?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are probably manifesting what you have put back out into the universe. Psychic shields will contain this same energy and will not defend you from such manifestations. The frequency will not be at a high enough differential and the energy will pass right through.

The grounding cord will help you to start eliminating this negativity from your life. However, if you keep putting negative energy there it will constantly flow back to you and down the grounding cord. This is part of what is often called the wheel of karma.

What you will need to do first and foremost is to change the way you look at yourself. You will need to align the view you have of yourself to a more positive perspective. When you gain this self respect it empowers the solar plexus chakra and allows you to raise your vibrational frequency above the second octave. Then you will be more able to send love and light to the universe and to others.

The problem with negativity and psychic attack is that it is contagious. When you are around negative people you run a higher risk of being capable of relying that negative energy. It is like a contagious dis-ease which we are susceptible to because we have not learned the importance of spiritual hygiene. It is like in the dark ages when people were dying from the bubonic plague because they did not have good nutrition and did not bath on a regular basis. That same is true today because we lack true spiritual nourishment and basic spiritual hygienic practices.

If you are in a negative situation such as a job or relationship the only way to break the vicious circle is to take personal responsibility for your thoughts, energy, and actions. You can choose to become part of the problem or part of the solution. Don't blame others for the negativity in your life, instead focus on bringing in more positive thoughts, energies, and actions if only because you suffered some negative ones today. If everyone did this, negativity could not exist in the world.

Other Defense Methods

Wearing positively aligned gemstones can be a great way of diffusing negative energy. They act as a filter for your aura to dispel energies which are not in alignment with your truth. This can be worn in many different ways such as in earrings, amulets, and bracelets. They act as symbols which link to a thought-form which represents protection, positive energy, and your truth.

Isochronic Tones
Because we, as humans, tend to build thought patterns which form habits we are the sole product of what we think, feel, and believe. Sometimes we get into repetitive thought patterns which create negativity in our lives. Changing these patterns of thoughts can be very difficult, yet it is so easy with the right tools. I have personally used binaural beats and isochronic tones to affect positive change in my life. The good thing about these tones is that it works passively and gently over time to affect healing in your life. I recommend the Unexplainable Store's variety of products. The effects of these products are very subtle, yet powerful and effective. The tones work with both hemispheres of the brain in order to raise your vibrational frequencies and help you to raise your awareness.

Positive Thought-forms
To build effective thought-forms you need to believe in their ability to preform the task which you programed them to do. You need to use regular visualizations to build and maintain their strength. You cannot just wear any crystal with out doing the programing of the related thought-forms. You will also need to cleanse the crystal because the crystal may catch negative energy on a regular basis. Wearing unclean crystals may actually make you more susceptible to negative energy so if you are going to use this technique you should do some research as well as being committed to doing the work.

Don't be too serious. This is one of my biggest pitfalls which subjects me unnecessarily to negativity. Making the world too objective binds you to too closely to the perceptions of the ego. The energy associated with the ego is of third density which is a relatively low (but not lowest) vibration. Don't be afraid to make the negativity which you suffer into a cosmic joke (which it really is). The easiest way to dispel negativity is to have a good laugh at it.

Remember that you have the power. The beliefs which you hold will build your reality. If you believe you are weak enough to be attacked by any negative energy which you cross you will indeed be attacked. Believe that you are strong. That you have the ability to hold your energy at any frequency and to create your own experiences. You have the power.

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