Orange Aura

The most notable features related to orange aura colors are the traits of independence, creativity, and uniqueness. This type of independence is manifested as emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual independence. Generally people with lots of orange in their aura also strive for financial independence and freedom to do go and where they please when they want to do it.

Individuals with a great deal of orange in and around their auras will tend to have a great deal of disdain for other individuals and organization that seek to limit their own and others freedom. This can lead to rebellious tendencies especially in younger people just learning to gain their own independence from their family unit.

Though these qualities can generally be seen as positive, they can also lead to a mind set of separation from others. When an individual experiences scarcity of freedom or prolonged control from others (especially organized religion and government) it may show up in the aura as orange bars or barriers around the lower parts of the aura protecting the solar plexus and sacral chakra from the creation of cords. This is usually a temporary defense mechanism which helps the individual define their own spiritual path while breaking away from others who seek to define that path for them.

Prolonged periods of this protection can lead to selfishness and anti-social behaviors as the individual has learned to value their own experience over the experience of others. This is a learned behavior as the sub consciousness attempts to rectify the fact that others have attempted to enforce their own experience upon the individual affected.

Orange Energy and Emotions

An orange aura will have different meanings depending on the color and intensity which it appears in the aura. Even though the color orange is strongly associated with the sacral chakra, which rules our emotional states, orange does not necessarily show up when strong emotions are present. Different emotions show up as different colors, anger for example shows up as crimson, blood red, or ruddy red. Depression and sadness may be anywhere from light blue, grey, or even black colors.An orange aura is an aura of versatility. This may be a result from many colors melding together in a unique pattern of energy. This is an inherently positive energy which defines the individual as unique, strong willed, energetic, and possessing a multitude of talents and interests.Orange will have different effects when found in close proximity to differing chakras.

Orange Sacral Chakra
This is a state of emotional balance. So long as the orange aura energy around your sacral chakra is bright and vibrant (no dull or ruddy colors) it is generally considered to be a healthy and balanced alignment.

Orange Solar Plexus Chakra
If the solar plexus chakra is orange it may be an indicator of an individual who draws a great deal of energy from their emotions. Their personal will power is almost completely dependent on how that individual feels. They may go through times of intense creativity while at other times feel unmotivated and lethargic. It is recommended that you do regular energy tune ups to prevent these emotional “high” and “low” states.

Orange Heart Chakra
An orange heart chakra may indicate an individual who expresses their love through their emotions. One could not ask for a better partner when this chakra is open and spinning vibrantly. This will lead to a positive condition of love for self, others, and the universe. Too much of this energy around the heart chakra may indicate excessive sexual desire bordering around confusion between love and lust. Conversely if the heart chakra is not fully open or not in a healthy state, orange may be a negative indicator signaling turbulent emotional distress. Individuals with this condition may experience a lack of love for the self, others, and the universe. This condition will also be complimented with dull and ruddy orange colors.

Orange Throat Chakra
Individuals who are adept at the written and verbal expression of their emotions usually have some degree of orange present in fifth chakra. These individuals will have a profound empathic ability to both understand the emotions of others as well as make others understand how they feel. If you have issues expressing your emotions or run into a situation where you need to better express yourself; try breathing a small amount of this energy into your throat chakra.

Orange Third Eye
Because orange is an inherently low vibration energy it is not particularly useful for developing psychic ability past working with empathy. When orange aura energy is found around the third eye it is an indicator of one who has physically or psychically seen something which has disturbed the orange emotional energy of the sacral chakra. Orange aura energy in the third eye acts as a natural protection mechanism which helps heal this emotional disturbance. Orange energy in the third eye chakra generally prevents abilities such as clairvoyance. It also indicates lowered degree of observation.I would also like to mention that orange energy found near the center of the head indicate powerful emotional issues which are being healed through logical means of the physical brain. This is especially true of the healing of chemical dependency.

Orange Crown Chakra
If you see orange aura energy around the crown chakra it means you are identifying so closely with your emotions that you are at risk of losing yourself in them. This type of identification is almost like the idolization and worship of one’s own emotions, treating them as a deity ruling over you. Remember that your emotions are not your identity. Raise your awareness to be able to look at things from a grander perspective and know that you are more than your human form.

Using Orange Aura Energy

Orange aura energy can be used for a variety of purposes. This energy can be used while working with your vital energy to combat lethargy and provide you a boost of energy. Orange also has a cleaning effect on the aura and is useful for removing negative energy.

If you need emotional healing on any level orange can be used to heal emotions relating to almost any issue. Send this energy to your sacral chakra to charge up your emotional strength. See your sacral chakra as a bright orange sun spinning rapidly and glowing with bright crystal lights. Move this energy into your other chakras to charge them up with emotional energy. Avoid doing this too often as you do not want to base all of your personal power on an energetic substance so fluid and changeable as emotions. It is important however, that you are aware of your own emotional states and that they are in good working order in order to develop your psychic abilities to their potential.

Being an energy of attraction, orange can be used in combination with other visualization techniques in order to increase the effectiveness of your law of attraction manifestations. Care should be taken when using orange energy that your mind is in the right place lest you really do get what you want!

Use orange sparingly and wisely, as a little can go a long ways. Too much orange can create hyperactivity, anxiety, and stress. You will need to experiment a little to find out what level is right for you.

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