Negative Entities

Negative entity

Those of us who have awakened our conscious astral projection or clairvoyant abilities may or may not have encountered negative entities along the way.

I, myself, have encountered these entities more time than I wish to mention. Yet, I do not regret the experiences which I have had with them. Each encounter has taught me a great deal about energy, psychic healing, psychic self defense, and the after life. I am also grateful that I can relay this information to my visitors, so they need not suffer ill effects of encounters with these beings.

What are Negative Entities?

There are many types of entities which are negatively polarized. All negatively polarized entities inhabit the lower vibrational frequencies of the astral plane. Due to my experiences I have categorized these entities into several groups.

Astral Travelers
Those humans which have physical bodies to come back to after their trips to and from the astral planes. If you project into the negative realms on accident, it is most likely that your energy is polarized to the negative frequencies.

Not all astral travelers project into the astral planes consciously. Most do so through their dreams. Some even unconsciously practice psychic vampirism using this method.

Ghosts and Astral Shells
It is sometimes difficult to discern between these two entities. The term “ghost” is too general to truly describe something as it is truly any astral body which is floating around the astral planes. Astral shells on the other hand are the discarded remnants of the once inhabited astral body. These are also known as astral corpses. The consciousness (the true soul) of these beings has left the astral body behind to enter into a new incarnation cycle or ascend into the next plane of existence.

Those astral shells which were polarized negatively when it was inhabited by a consciousness will continue its programing after the consciousness has left. Almost all of these entities are vampiric in nature.

Without a consciousness the energy system will not function causing the astral shell to deteriorate. The only way for the astral shell to survive will be to feed off the energy sources of conscious entities.

It is important to recognize that not all ghosts and astral shells are negative. Only those that were polarized negatively before the consciousness left, continue the behaviors in the “second death”.

Pain Bodies
This class of negative entities blend together with the astral shell class. Once the consciousness has left the body strong negative emotional aspects of the being will vie for dominance over the egoic mind. This will eventually tear the astral body apart. This process may eventually produce hundreds of malicious unconscious “spirits”.

These spirits will wander the astral plane looking for suitable hosts with similar traits to latch onto. Once it has found someone it will feed and become more powerful, causing the host to express these same emotions. If it finds a “good” host it will grow to epic proportions dominating a person's life.

Pain bodies can become so parasitic that the physical, spiritual, and emotional pain will become too much for the physical body to bear. This will usually result in catastrophic life changing experiences and even death of the physical and astral bodies.

Like a virus, pain bodies inject their program into a host. The host entertains the program and feeds it vital energy. After the death experience, the host will then explode and multiply the program countless times over.

Contradictory to popular belief demons are the least harmful of negative entities. These beings are actually the result of collective negative programing of once positive thought forms. Most of these thought forms were pagan gods and goddesses demonized by the Catholic and Muslim faiths. Read more about demons. Entities who have participated in or are currently participating in the demonization of these entities are those who incur their wrath. Those would be the demonologists, priests, and crusaders who were originally responsible for the consciousness shift of these thought forms.

The pain body is much more aggressive, malicious, and numerous than demons. In fact, 999,999 of 1,000,000 people harbor a moderate to severe pain body. These pain bodies manifest as physical pain, addictions, tempers, depression, hypochondria, and psychic vampirism to name a very few.

Protect Yourself Against Negative Entities

With the exception of astral travelers and demons negative entities are actually very weak. Just being a conscious being gives you the ability to produce your own energy and ,thus, you have the upper hand.

Take Responsibility
You are always responsible for your own thoughts, beliefs, and actions. If you are suffering from a severe pain body, it is your responsibility to change your brain wave patterns and make your energy body uninhabitable for the psychic parasite.

The pain body hates positive thinking, once you start thinking positively, most of them will detach from you. Remember the pain body has only two purposes: self gratification and survival. Negative entities will not even be able to access your energy if you are on a completely different frequency than they are.

Clear Your Energy Channels
Read about psychic healing. Use your own energy, the energy of the Earth, and the Cosmos to fill your body with high vibrational energy. This energy will not only clear your body of negative energies, but it will keep your “psychic immune system” strong.

I have made it one of my personal quests to help clear the immense number of pain bodies from the astral planes. The more people who actively seek to dissipate these entities the better the planet will become.

Clear your living and work space by visualizing light channeling through you from the earth and the cosmos and filling every space in your house/office with beautiful, vibrantly colored light. Keep your space clean and clutter free, as these attract energies which in turn attract negative entities into your life.

Psychic Self Defense
Psychic self defense angels against negative entities Read about psychic self defense. It is important that when you encounter a negative entity that you do not react with fear. These entities are actually quite weak because they cannot produce their own energy. Yet, they seem to get the better of people because people tend to fear them.

Most negative entities take on gruesome appearances, make terrible sounds, and act aggressive in order to paralyze you with fear. This is how they get you to not stand up to them.

It is of paramount importance that you do stand up to them; however. The first thing on your mind should be your energy shield If you are on the astral planes you can manifest thought forms to defend you against them.

In the past I have manifested flaming sabers and telekinetic abilities while on the astral plane to combat the little gray parasites which I encountered on the negative astral planes. Use these to keep them away from you, all the while keep in mind that you cannot “kill” them with thought forms.

When you stand up to them they become enraged and waste their energy attempting to lash out at you. They will usually dissolve shortly after that if they cannot find another host soon.

Negative entities will die only from starvation. Thus the fewer people who fall prey to them, the fewer negative entities will be able to survive.

Whenever you have an encounter with a negative entity always use the grounding cord to remove negative energy from your system, and channel Earth and Cosmic energy to replenish your vital energy.

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