Isochronic Tones

Isochronic Tones are the latest development in brainwave entertainment technology. They work by resonating equal intensity tones in both ears which synchronizes one's brain wave frequencies to the the rhythm. This new technology has a clean, even wave length in comparison to monaural and binaural beats. Isochronic tones harmonize with the brain wave frequencies more efficiently than past technologies.

Brainwave Frequencies

Our brain waves are not static, meaning that they will run faster and slower depending on the state of mind we are currently experiencing. I have categorized these experiences based on generalizations of states of awareness.

Ego Consciousness
This is the most basic state of mind that most third density Earth beings use while in the waking state. This type of consciousness resonates strongly with the third chakra and is used to exert one's will on the physical universe. This exertion of will takes on many forms. Some of these forms are negative, whilst others are more positive. The Yin-Yang balance is important for this type of conscious energy as it can be used for creative or destructive purposes.

Most of the stress experienced by people in their daily life is due to a lack of balance between the egoic mind, subconscious mind, and the higher self. We have learned to only use the energy of the ego and the lack of yin-yang balance is usually prone to be more susceptible to the destructive aspects of the ego.

Internal communication and balance between our different aspects is essential to our health as individuals and society as a whole. This is the state of mind where too many people find themselves consumed with stress, anxiety, and depression.

It can be difficult to start your spiritual journey to awaking your psychic powers from this state as the ego will want to stay in this position of power. Isochronic tones can help break this cycle of habits.

Frequency: Beta 40-13Hz

Balanced Consciousness
This is the ideal state of mind for waking operation. In this case the ego is not overrunning the entire being, rather the individual is utilizing all aspects of the consciousness. The ego is communicating with the subconscious mind and the higher self. During this relaxed yet attentive state, psychic abilities can be accessed and applied for practical day-to-day tasks.

Stress, anxiety, and depression start to melt away as the individual realizes that these states are being caused by an overactive mind which dwells on past hurts or future worries. This is where the state of presence can be accessed allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand without being bothered by 'excess'.

When you are present you start to notice a quality in your work. You start to see that you are excelling at what you do because your intuition is picking up subtleties in your interactions with other people and in the details of your work. You will notice that your health starts to improve as you are conserving your vital energy which your body needs.

Frequency: Alpha 13-7 Hz

Theta Consciousness
The theta consciousness is the desired state for many meditative and introspective practices such as astral projection, lucid dreaming, bi-location, clairvoyance, and various forms of channeling. This state is used only while meditating and sleeping and should not be entered into while working, driving, or any other physical activity.

You should always arrange to have peace and quiet while attempting to enter the theta consciousness as disturbances unpleasantly jolt you back into the alpha or even beta states. This is not healthy for your brain and can cause you stress. If I can help it, I try to avoid waking up to an alarm clock, as I found my day runs much more smoothly and stress free when I can move gently and slowly from the theta state of mind to the balanced state of mind. Doing this tends to help keep you from reaching the extremities of the higher 40hz beta waves.

The problem many students of astral projection and lucid dreaming run into is that the mind is used to being unconscious during the theta state. Consciousness is the only thing required during the theta state of mind in order to learn astral projection, lucid dreaming, and channeling. Isochronic tones help the student to retrain the mind and learn new sleeping habits.

Frequency: Theta 7-4Hz

Delta Consciousness
Most of us use so much energy operating at 40hz all day that when we sleep we fall quickly into the delta state of consciousness losing the window of opportunity to astral project or lucid dream. This type of deep sleep is essential for the body to repair itself. One does not need to spend all of one's time in the delta state in order to gain the full benefits of this state of consciousness, several hours will be sufficient to promote maximum cellular repair. If one is taxing the energy system less during the day by operating at a balanced state of consciousness you will need to spend less time unconscious in order to repair your body. This frees your time to experience the inner worlds of your dreams and the astral plane rather than spending your time in unconsciousness.

Frequency: Delta 4Hz or less

Benefits of Isochronic Tones

The benefits of being able to enter differing states of consciousness are obvious. In fact, the popularity of many harmful drugs are a clear demonstration of many people's intense desire to move past the often times torturous experience of the ego consciousness. These drugs act as aids to not only assist the individual from moving to a more relaxed and deep state of being, but often forces the mind into that state unnaturally and to great detriment to one's health.

Isochronic tones operate in a way that is subtler and more gentle, offering a slower yet more sustainable approach to healing the consciousness. You may not feel the same as if you were to take illegal drugs to enter an altered state of consciousness. Unlike the drug there is no negative side effects, and no chemical residues being left in the body.

Isochronic tones act as aids to help you break old pattens of behavior and replace them with positive behaviors. A very positive aspect of isochronic tones is that it helps you to retrain your mind with very little effort on your part. In a world where everyone expects so much out of us it really is a relief that there is so many tools that can make your spritual life simple, effortless, and easy. This helps you harmonize your life with the Taoist principle of Wu Wei, which is in line with the western economic principle of 80/20. 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. Anything else is wasted energy.

Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones?

Binaural Beats
Binaural Beats have been researched for nearly 170 years. They work by broadcasting two separate tones in each ear and as a result produce a second tone inside the brain. The two separate tones influence one's brainwave frequencies. This is a powerful technology yet, in recent years it has been improved on significantly.

Binaural Wave Length

Isochronic Tones
Using the more advanced technology of the 21st century, the tonal frequencies of isochronics have been “cleaned” up so to speak to produce an even wave length at a greater frequency. This harmonizes with the human brain more efficiently. Isochronic tones broadcast the same frequencies in both ears which not only influence the overall brainwave frequency but bring them into alignment with the broadcast frequency.

Isochronic Wave Length

Are Isochronic Tones Safe?

With a few exceptions isochronic tones are very safe to use.

You should never attempt to enter a Theta or Delta state while driving or operating machinery. These frequencies are reserved for when you are planing on meditating undisturbed for several minutes to several hours.

If you are deeply afraid of what you may find on the astral planes, avoid anything which will open up your consciousness to the beings which dwell there until you feel you are ready for such an experience. Little harm can come to you, but if you are not ready if the most positive experience can really psych you out.

Should you be suffering from a mental illness I would recommend you consult with a doctor prior to using isochronic tones. Opening up the consciousness while the brain remains chemically unbalanced can lead to further issues. Yet opening the consciousness can assist you in healing your illness. Do so slowly and carefully while under the care of trained professionals.

Where can I find high quality isochronic Tones?

I have been using the Unexplainable Store's selection of isochronic tones for years. I can say with a great deal of certainty that their products are of excellent quality and really do their work well. You can find a variety of tones which can help you with a wide variety of issues as well as tones for the development of psychic abilities.

Click here to go the the Unexplainable Store's Home Page.

There are many producers of isochronic tones and binaural beats on the web. Some of them I have tried, others I have not. I would like to mention that some sites sell products that don't even contain isochronic tones, rather it is some form computer generated music. Other sites use low quality recording software which completely negate the effects of the tone, these low quality recordings wont do a thing for you.

In essence the Unexplainable Store offers high quality professional services backed by a 100%, 60 day money back guarantee, so if you are dissatisfied you can always return the product, which I think is a definite plus.

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