Green Aura

Green Aura

A vibrant green aura is found in people with a strong atonement to the universal power of love and healing. This is because the color green resonates at a high vibratory frequency of the 4th density. It is considered the color which is most in touch with the fourth chakra or heart chakra.

People with large amounts of vibrant green in their aura tend to have strong and healthy heart chakras. They have the natural gifts of psychic healing. That doesn't mean that psychic healing requires that you have a green aura as there are many different types of psychic healing.

Different Colors of Green

There is not just one shade of green which can be found in the aura. There are hundreds of shades of green which are often blended with other colors in the aura. Often these shades correspond to the capability of the individual to express unconditional love. Different shades of green correspond to the different ways love can be expressed. Green can also be an indicator of where that person is in their spiritual and personal growth.

Often when people go through times in their lives where they are experiencing tremendous spiritual and personal growth a gentle light color of green will appear in and or around their auras. These colors will be like new shoots that appear on plants after the spring. When this color is found around the boarders of the aura this shows out-word personal growth related to how one interacts with the physical world. Light green on the inside of the aura shows internal psychological and spiritual growth.

Personal struggles can be seen in a green aura. If someone is struggling with their personal development these colors may come up as murky and ruddy colors. If their personal growth is leading them down a path towards negativity or lack of spirituality these colors may be tinted with dark, cloudy and weak colors.

The Colors of Universal Love

Love can be expressed in many different ways. In fact there can be as many expressions of love as there are people. Compassion and universal love show up as a brilliant color of emerald green. The lower vibratory levels of love such as jealousy show up as a murky pea green aura. There are many other colors associated with different versions of love. These colors commonly involve pink (self love possibly vanity) and red colors (associated with passion and sexual love). Other colors may even be yellow to orange depending on the intention and expression of that love.

A connection with nature (especially plants) will show up as a deep forest green aura. Love of nature and the planet Earth is one of the expressions of love which will show up in the aura. Spending time gardening or walking in the forest will stimulate green in the aura. Doing these things will help to foster better physical healing and emotional and spiritual well being.

The Green Aura and Psychic Healing

People with emerald green auras have a great potential for psychic healing on the physical and emotional levels. These people could become psychic surgeons or great psychologists with the proper training.

Sea green auras carry a crystalline energy with them. These vibrate at a slightly higher vibration than those with emerald green auras which give them the ability to heal at a higher spiritual level. Though this kind of healing may not be optimal for the healing of physical ailments it is excellent for healing associated with issues related to the astral or spiritual bodies. This type of energy can also be used to communicate with and program crystals.

The heart chakra is generally considered to be green, but your chakra may be a different color. Some people have powerful psychic healing abilities but have little to no green in their auras, so in essence the colors of energy is merely a human interpretation of the energy vibration complex which makes up the human energy system.

I always caution people on making assumptions or judgments of themselves or others concerning colors found in the aura, as this can hinder your spiritual growth. Often times you are seeing a color of another through your own auric field which skews the color which you actually perceive.

An example of this would be a psychic healer with a ruby red heart chakra and strong or dominant (healthy) red colors in the aura. This type of energy would be useful for the healing of vital energies, the blood stream, or cellular problems.

Bringing More Green Into Your Aura

If you feel that bringing more green into your aura will be beneficial to you there are some things you can do to stimulate a green aura.

Wear green colored accessories.
You can try wearing different colors of green clothing and accessories. This is the simplest way of improving your green aura colors. Aim for natural green colors such as dark forest green, emerald green, and light green. Try to avoid bright lime green, pea green, or grey green clothing as this may weaken the aura rather than strengthen it.

There are numerous gemstones which will greatly enhance the green spectrum of the aura. These gemstones include...

Moss Agate
Green Zircon
Green Tourmaline

Wearing gemstones can help you to ward off negative energy which could harm your aura. If you are worried about psychic attack the best way of protecting yourself is to raise your vibrational frequencies. Because all gemstones have an inherently positive polarity, wearing them close to your body will enable you to raise your own vibrational frequencies. Each gemstone both precious and semiprecious have unique personalities which you can work with to increase your psychic ability.

Drink Water Infused with Green Light
You can infuse water with a specific color using natural sunlight directed through a colored lens. Use a green crystal lens placed in such a manner as to direct sunlight into a glass of purified water. Allow the water to take in as much light as possible letting it set for 2-4 hours. This will need to be done at around mid day when the sun's intensity is the strongest and most direct. So long as the water is at a comfortable temperature for drinking you can drink the water immediately. If the water is too hot you can add a couple of ice cubes first.

Eat Fresh Green Fruits and Vegetables
Supplement your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Uncooked darkly colored greens stimulate the green rays of the auric field. These foods are good for your body anyways!

Visualization Exercise for Strengthening Green Energy
You can draw in green energy into your aura with simple visualization exercises. You may want to do this to promote your own psychic healing abilities or accelerated physical or spiritual healing. This energy is a very invigorating in a peaceful and tranquil manner so it is also good if you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or lethargy.

This can be done in a variety of ways.

Breath in Green Energy
Visualize a cloud of energy in front of your face. Make the visualization as strong and as real as possible. Ask yourself if there are any sensations associated with this color; smells, feelings, thoughts, or even tastes. Use these extra sensory ques to strengthen the visualization. Once you have this visualization strong in your mind breath in the energy and feel it running through your entire body. It is working at every level of your being. It is reaching every vital organ, cell, and atom in your body. Know that it is doing what you want it to do with out effort or any added work on your part.

Earth Energy
For this next technique you will need to first establish your grounding cord. Visualize the energy entering into the sub-chakras located at the bottom of your feet. See it coming up into your body traveling up your legs and meeting at the base of your spine. Once you have the flow of energy established at the point of the first chakra let the energy travel up your spinal column energizing each chakra. Once this energy has reached the crown chakra at the top of your head visualize it spilling out of the top of your head and into your aura. Visualize any negative energy which the green energy has removed going down your grounding cord to be neutralized and recycled by the Earth.

Soak in these experiences and make them as real as possible. The stronger your visualization and concentration skill the better you will become at utilizing energy. At first it may be difficult for you but you will get better and better at using energy in these ways.

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Green Aura Healing Crystals


Malachite aids in psychic defense

Malachite (above) is known for its cleansing and emotional balancing properties. It is very useful for warding off negative energy from psychic attacks.


Mayan Jade for dream magic

Jade helps integrate the mind, body, and soul and helps to stabilize the personality. When placed on the third eye chakra it can give the wearer insightful dreams.


Peridot assists in psychic protection and purification

Peridot assists the wearer in psychic protection and aids in cleansing the aura of negative energy. It also works with the body at a subtle level to assist with the removal of toxins.


Emeralds are said to bring wisdom and knowledge of the future to wearer.