When we talk about ghosts, what we are actually referring to is one’s astral body.

Not all Ghosts not necessarily deceased humans as all living entities have astral bodies. When traveling the astral plane you may run into several of these entities and you will indeed be a “ghost” yourself. There is no reason to fear them as they occupy a different dimensionality than you and even the most frightening of them cannot do you any physical harm.

In my experience fear is not a natural reaction to ghostly encounters as the human aspect of one's self is left behind during astral projection. You are guided by your higher self, which is not naturally guided by fear based thoughts.

I have placed ghosts into several different catagories.


When we sleep we leave our physical bodies and wander the astral plane. Most people are unconscious of this experience and are tossed about in the astral currents, being unaware of what is going on. They are manifesting a holographic world around them which is influenced by the images and ideas in their own minds and the energies, beings, and landscape of the astral plane around them.

We commonly call these experiences dreams.

Should you encounter a sleeper they will most likely be unaware of you and you will find it difficult or impossible to interact with them. From time to time one may recognize you and say they dreamed of you the next day.

There are literally billions of sleepers moving in and out of the astral plane every night. They have little control over their experience and can be found in all levels of the astral plane. A good way to over come fear of the astral plane is simply to remember that we travel there every night.

Merely gaining awareness of our experiences is what most of us are wanting to accomplish through astral projection and lucid dreaming.

Astral Travelers

This class of “ghost” constitutes entities that travel consciously on the astral plane. These beings include humans, animals, and many extra terrestrial life forms who travel the astral plane in search of spiritual knowledge. They differ from the dis-incarnate in the fact that they have bodies to come back to, and the sleepers by the fact that they are self aware and have complete control over their experience.

Most astral travelers are friendly entities seeking spiritual advancement or adventure. Meeting other astral travelers is usually a very validating experience which you can learn a great deal from. Many are willing to teach you what they have learned along their own spiritual path.

There are however, those seeking the negative path of spirituality and are negatively polarized. These beings generally are not helpful to you and may even try to deceive you to gain some degree of control over you. Remember to always look at the auras auras of other astral travelers when you meet them and use your intuition to determine whether they have your best interests in mind. They may have ulterior motives.

The Dis-incarnate / The Dead

The inevitable death of the the physical body will leave the astral body with out a means to travel the physical plane. This is what we generally consider a “ghost”.

Many people are fearful of ghosts and though they can be frightening at times, are no more harmful (and in some cases less harmful) than they were when they had a physical body.

Many ghosts are sleepers and are unaware of what is going on around them. Those that are spiritually unaware in life will fall asleep in death and dream constantly until their astral body deteriorates and they enter another incarnation cycle. Some are confused and or fearful about their death.

Most people expect to go to some variation of heaven or hell when they die and are very confused about what they are experiencing on the astral plane.

Others are angry or traumatized about their death. These entities are the malevolent or annoying spirits which are normally described in a haunting. Meeting the deceased is an interesting experience. Most of them are willing to talk to you and tell you about their previous lives.

Ghosts inhabit all levels of the astral plane. When one dies their vibrational frequency will either drag them down into the negative astral or lift them up into the positive astral planes.

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