The Etheric Plane

The etheric plane is a hyperplane which extends through the upper third dimension and into all frequency levels of the astral planes. Because of the lack of empirical knowledge in existence about the subtle planes they are frequently used indiscriminately and interchangeably with one another.

The reality of the three planes (physical, ethereal, and astral) is that they are an integral part of one another and there is no clear distinction between any three of the planes.

The distinction between the physical and all other planes lies solely in the fact that we have trained ourselves only to recognize the reality of third dimensional being.

Throughout the pages of this site I have discussed the levels of frequency found in the fourth dimension, or astral planes, which graduate from negative to positive. In this article I will discuss the levels of frequency in the third dimension and how that distinction blends seamlessly into etheric and astral matter.

The Etheric Plane and Dreams

When many people dream they are projecting their consciousness inward and experience an unconscious hallucination. On occasion, those dreams will become outward projections. Those projections will be experienced with the etheric body on a plane of subtle matter which is molded by the subconscious thoughts and emotions of the dreamer.

It may be possible for the dreamer to attain self awareness and be capable of participating in the dream scape of their own creating from this point. These are known as lucid dreams. It is also possible that the dreamer will be able to access the astral planes from the etheric plane. Other than that, the etheric plane is with out definitive and stable form. The aether conforms to the forms of the physical and astral planes. Some can say that the etheric plane creates the structure of all physical and astral forms.

It is from this state of existence where emotions, thoughts, and beliefs begin to manifest around archetypes.

It is from this subtle plane of existence where we humans can manifest forms around powerful and focused thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Many hauntings are the result of powerful negative emotions manifested onto the etheric planes. Sightings of holy figures are the result of a similar set of circumstances, the difference is that aether is manifested around powerful and focused beliefs.

More sensitive people will be able to see these manifestations due to the overlap of the etheric and physical planes.


For the purpose of awakening your psychic abilities, this page is going to be focusing on the practical aspects of the etheric plane and how you can harness its energy for imediate, practical uses in your everyday life.

One of the aspects of the etheric plane which we are most concerned about here is aether. This is a state of energy which is higher in vibrational frequency than gas, yet lower in frequency than astral matter.

This energy is also known as prana or life force. This is the energy state which you will be working with when you are practicing psychic healing, telekinesis, and creating thought forms.

One cannot project into the etheric plane like one projects into the astral plane. Yet you can become aware of the existence of aether by working with the inter-dimensional nature of its being. Learning astral projection can help you to better see and work with the aether to enhance your psychic abilities.

There are a couple of ways in which you can become aware of aether.

Changing the Frequency of Aether

Because the properties of the aether are easily manipulated, working with these energies are a perfect place for the beginner to start learning to do energy work. The vibrational frequencies of aether can be manipulated with emotional energy and conscious intention.

These energy frequencies can also be manipulated by sound waves. Sound wave frequencies are a form of three dimensional etheric energy. Many forms of noise pollution result in negative energy in the environment. In today's world is it necessary for one to clear this energy with various tools.

Luckily there are many tools which you may work with with out having any prior knowledge of energy work. These include...

  • Singing Bowels
  • Isochronic Tones
  • Light sound of trickling water (from a fountain etc.)

We are already manipulating this energy on a moment by moment basis. Why not take control by heightening your awareness of what you are manifesting. Ususally only small adjustments need to be made to negative thought and emotional patterns.

How to Become Aware


It is easy to feel aether. It surrounds almost all living things. Non-living things will not emanate aether, yet it will contain aether. You can begin feeling aether by working with your auric field. This field will resonate closely with the physical body and can be felt by the presence of heat, vibration, or cold spots around the body. Psychic healing and Reiki are excellent ways to get in tune with your ability to feel aether.


You can easily see aether by practicing aura viewing. This is also a good way of developing your clairvoyant abilities.


Once you have worked with aether for a period of time, you will be able to intuit the qualities of aether surrounding an individual. Many professed psychics use this method while doing psychic readings.

The Etheric Plane and Physical Matter

Physical matter has three distinctions: solids, liquids, and gasses. But what about other properties of the third dimension which we use on a daily basis, yet, do not fit into those three forms. The properties I am talking about are electromagnetic waves, radio waves, radiation, and other such invisible forces in our universe.

These non-physical, but widely used forces, can someday be used to open up the gate way for the scientific and empirical investigation into other dimensions of existence. When we recognize that the invisible forces of nature can be used not only for spiritual evolution but for practical application we will be able to evolve farther than we ever imagined.

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