Cosmic Energy Meditation

Cosmic Energy

Running cosmic energy is a good way to balance your energy system after running your earth energy. You have learned how to conjure a grounding cord, regulate the flow of earth energy by adjusting your feet chakra, and clear and vitalize your body by running your line of earth energy. To add to your set of self healing tools I am going to introduce to you how to run your line of cosmic energy.

You must first learn to run your earth energy before attempting this exercise. Failure to do this can cause you to become ungrouned. I strongly recommend practicing with the earth energy for 15-20 minutes a day for one week before doing integrating this exercise.

What is Cosmic Energy?

As its name implies, this energy comes from the cosmos and the rest of the universe. Universal energy not only comes from Space but also from God, the Origional Source, and The All that Is. You can take this energy source from a planet, star system, or galaxy which resonates with you. Or you can just allow your higher consciousness to choose the source for you. starseed individuals will find that this exercise is good for helping them get in contact with their planet of origin.

While doing this exercise try not to think about time or space. If you want to take in energy from another galaxy don't worry about how far away that galaxy is. Energy can travel through any distance instantaneously. Physicists have even found evidence that energy can even exist in two locations at once!

Let's Get Started

Once you have mastered earth energy it is time to integrate cosmic energy into your daily meditation. The cosmic energy comes into play once you allow the earth energy to spill out from your crown chakra into your aura.

The next step is to call down the cosmic energy of the universe. Visualize and feel this energy much in the same way you felt the earth energy entering into your body. The only difference is that this energy is entering though your crown chakra. It is going to flow in the opposite direction as the earth energy. You can understand this internal flow of energy as two cogs circulating energy within your own body.

Feel the cosmic energy first flowing down the back of your head and down the back of your spine. As it reaches the third eye chakra allow the energy of the cosmos to mingle with the earth energy. Know that your psychic powers are opening up and are being guided by the infinite wisdom of your higher self. Any negative energy which had not been removed by the earth energy is now being removed by the cosmic energy of the universe.

Allow the cosmic energy to flow down into your throat chakra still moving alone the back of you spine. Your intellect and ability to communicate is being guided by the universe and your true spiritual truth is coming from your higher self. Let this truth empower you and guide you in your daily life.

Just as you divided 50% of the earth energy at your heart chakra, you are also going to divide the cosmic energy into two equal streams at this time. Form two streams of cosmic energy. One stream flowing down into your heart and one stream flowing down each shoulder into your arms and out the palms of your hands. See your hand chakras being activated. Know that your creativity is being enhanced and guided by the universe and your higher self. Let this energy spill into your aura from this point and combine with the earth energy. Your aura is being recharged and enhanced by this energy.

The other half of this stream of energy is entering into your heart chakra. The universal energy of love and compassion helps you experience connectivity with all other living beings. Know that your heart chakra is being enhanced and your ability to give and receive love is boundless. Know that you have established the bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds. Now, you have access to all of your psychic abilities while in this physical body and can interact with the physical world in a more spiritual manner.

In your own time, feel and see the cosmic energy entering into your solar plexus chakra. Your will power is being supported and is in tune with all the forces of the universe. Know that you are not limited by the limitations of the physical body and physical brain. You have the power to do great things and that the universe is working for you. Use this power to manifest those things in your life which matter the most to you, and you can now do this with ease.

The energy of the cosmos is now entering into your sacral chakra. This energy is working with the earth energy to create a balanced being of emotional strength. The cosmic energy is washing away any emotional burdens or baggage which are no longer serving you. If you are recovering from an addition, or trying to lose weight this energy is supporting you in your endeavor.

Still moving along the back of the spinal column see and feel the cosmic energy entering into your root chakra. Break off 10% of this energy and allow this energy to ascend into your being, mixing with the earth energy. When the cosmic energy enters into the root chakra it is welcoming your physical being as part of the universe.

Allow the rest of the cosmic energy to flow down your grounding cord sending this as a gift to mother Earth and returning the energy which you borrowed from her to do this meditation. Stay in this state for as long as you would like and feel the bond between the physical and spiritual aspects of yourself growing stronger and stronger. This will help to raise your awareness of energy and help you grow your psychic powers quickly and safely.

Additional Tools

When you have mastered the integrated practice of harnessing earth energy and cosmic energy you can still further your ability to replenish, heal, and protect yourself with some simple additional exercises.

The Golden Sun
Once your run both lines of energy visualize a golden sun above your head. Make it big and radiant, make it as radiant as the sun. Let this golden sun radiate its healing and powerful energy into your body and spirit. See and feel the warm golden light filling every cell in your body providing yourself with an enhanced ability to heal and regenerate.

You can place symbols into the golden sun of things which you would like to bring more of into your life. More abundance, more love, more psychic ability can all be manifested in this way. Just visualize that this energy is being radiated into your aura and your energy field is acting as a magnet, bringing all of these things into your life.

The Rose
This is a technique which utilizes a thought-form to aid in psychic protection. Once you have run both lines of energy do a quick check up on your aura. Make sure it is not to far away or too close to your body. Bring it in about an arms length away.

Next visualize 6 roses outside the boundaries of your aura. Place one in the front of you, one at your back, one above your head and one below your feet. Try not to get caught up in the time/space paradigm of manifesting a rose just below your feet. I know some people get confused thinking, “How could a rose be in the same space as the floor boards?” In the spiritual realms where thought-forms exist, matter can coexist in the same time/space. Its a non-issue!

Program these roses with a simple and gentle intention to protect yourself from any negative energy or any other energy which is not in line with your own spiritual truth. See these roses as bright and lively. Though most people think about a rose being red in color your roses can be any color. Experiment with different colors of roses for different situations. Avoid black or white roses as these colors have advanced significance and are not necessarily effective for this purpose.

Check up on your roses from time to time. If they are looking wilted or lacking vibrancy, simply put on your grounding cord and remove any negative energy they have collected by merely intending to do so. Then send your roses love and light to revitalize them. All thought-forms need to be maintained lest they fade away completely. The golden sun is a great tool to automatically remove negative energy and rejuvenate your roses.

The most important part of these exercises is to have fun doing them. The more you practice and the more you enjoy doing them, the better you will get at them and the more your psychic powers will grow. Don't be afraid to try new things or adjust the meditation slightly to suit your own needs. So long as the basics are there there is no need to be too particular about the details.

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