Clairvoyance -Develop your Clairvoyant Abilities

Clairvoyance is a French word which means "clear seeing" it is closely related to the concept of remote viewing. Remote viewing refers to the psychic acquisition of information unavailable to the physical eyes without the aid of modern technology. This ability is often refered to as the second sight and is activated by the 6th chakra and are dependent upon the capabilities of the astral body. Unlike astral projection the ability does not require the detachment of the astral body, and thus does not require the deep Theta state of the physical brain waves, making it an easier psychic ability to learn.

Remote viewing can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use it to see distant locations, people, or objects on the Earth plane. You can also use this ability to see auras. Unlocking your clairvoyant abilities can allow you to perceive the astral plane enabling you to receive guidance from your spiritual guides. Having said this it may also be possible to communicate with the deceased through the development of the clairvoyant and telepathic capabilities. Developing your psychic vision will open you up to a new world of experiences, colors, and beauty which you would have never even began to think imaginable.


The probable future can be foreseen using the powers contained within the third eye. This is because most events manifest on the astral plane before they manifest on the physical plane. By raising your awareness and developing the second sight you will be able to see these events before they manifest on the physical plane and effect your physical reality. Always keep in mind that the probable future is probable and not definite. If you are able to catch a glimpse of this future and change it you will affect the probability of your and others future reality. I frequently use this ability not to change future events but to give myself time to consider my reaction to these events in order to build more positive future outcomes.

These third eye abilities will develop naturally as you open yourself up to and develop the energy of the 6th chakra. Related exercises like astral projection exercises, concentration exercises, and creative visualization all can help develop the powers of the 6th chakra. In fact my first clairvoyant experience came to me when I was practicing astral projection.

Harnessing Intention

Intention is everything. When you go into meditation make sure you begin your meditation session with a clear and honest intent to open yourself up to clairvoyance and what you want to see. You want to set the intention of what you would like to experience before meditation. Failure to do this will compromise your ability to clear your mind and concentrate. If your intent is half-heartened or unclear it will dilute your energy. You will need to slow your brain wave frequencies to at least the Beta state, and clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts. If you fail to clear your mind it will immediately interrupt any clairvoyant visions you may have. The key to holding a clairvoyant vision for more than a brief millisecond is Not to think. Once you have cleared most of the thoughts from your mind, focus your attention on your 6thchakra in the center of your forehead.

Your first vision will happen suddenly and unexpectedly. It will most likely surprise you which your automatic response is to question what you are seeing. It is important that you control this automatic response, as this natural and instinctual reaction abruptly ends the experience. My first vision appeared while I was practicing astral projection meditation. The darkness created by my closed eyes faded like a parting fog and I had a vision of a beautiful green field littered with wild flowers. A bright blue cloudless sky loomed overhead. The color was so bright and images were so sharp that there was no question in my mind that this was not my imagination. This experience surprised me to such an extent that I lost focus and as suddenly as the field had appeared to me, it was gone.

When you first start developing your ability to use remote viewing your visions will appear like a flash of light and will be gone. The more you practice the more frequently the visions will appear and the longer they will last. Learn to immediately unfocus when you receive a vision. This form of un-focussing is a gentle yet strong comprehensive focus. Not focusing on the detail but the entire image. Even though you are not focusing on the details you will remember every detail of your vision. Never move your physical eyes to try to look at the image. Your physical eyes are used to see physical things and will only get in the way when practicing psychic abilities.

Clairvoyant Dreams

Sometimes people who are working on developing their remote viewing abilities do not seem to have any initial success at first. However, they do not realize they are starting to have per-cognitive or lucid dreams. Most people fail to realize this because they are unable to remember their dreams. When a per-cognitive dream manifests in physical reality they cannot verify the experiences they are having. This is why it is important for anyone who is working on developing their psychic powers to keep a dream journal.

These kinds dreams can be identified by dreams which are in bright color and sharp detail. When I have a clairvoyant dream I am in the 1st person (as opposed to hovering above the dream), this may be different for each person or situation which the dreamer may engage in.

Discomfort After Clairvoyant Experiences

If you have not been using your third eye then do not be surprised if you have a slight headache or feel pressure in your forehead during meditation or after opening your third eye. This is normal and can be likened to going out into the sun after being in a dark room for several hours, but in this case it is like going out in the sun after being in a dark room your entire life. The best solution to this issue is to open your third eye slowly and work into the exercises at a pace which is comfortable to you.

Some people are naturally talented clairvoyants and will have an easier time developing this ability than others. People who have well developed 6th chakras also have natural visualization skills, and may be highly visual learners. With patience, desire, intention, and practice anyone will be able to learn clairvoyance, even if you are not a naturally clairvoyant. Don't feel discouraged if it does not open up to you on your first couple of attempts. Remember that you are an infinite being with unlimited potential.

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