Blue Aura Colors

Blue Fairy Aura

There are many different frequencies and qualities of blue which can be found in a blue aura. For those that can see auras one will soon find that blue is also mixed and melded with many other colors. This is the way our energy systems work.

Blue resonates with the fifth chakra also called the throat or vishuddha chakra. This is the chakra of logical intellect, telepathy, verbal and creative communication, and voicing your spiritual truth.

People with largely blue auras are down to Earth, logical thinkers. They are excellent communicators if not verbally, they find other creative outlets for their thoughts and ideas. Many of these people are left brained thinkers excelling in math, science, and finances.

You will find these people in management positions where communication, and creativity works with logical processes and procedures.

The Blue Aura and the Energy System

Blue is not only found in and around the throat chakra but also in other positions in the aura. The position in the aura will indicate what that color means in that person's life experience.

The Root Chakra
If blue appears around the base of the spine in the root chakra (also seen between the legs) than this indicates the person takes a logical approach to their physical environment. They approach issues related to survival with left brained logic and are generally very good at managing issues which others would find stressful or consuming. Generally they are very good with money and like to give out financial advice. These people like to be relied on and trusted to provide for their families and others.

The Sacral Chakra
When a blue aura appears around the sacral chakra, below the navel and around the genitalia, this person takes a logical approach to their emotions and sexuality. They are very good at communicating what they feel. Their communication help to maintain emotional stability in themselves and others. Many people with this condition act as emotional supporters to those around them. Their sexual energy is generally very balanced and cool. Some people with lower frequency colors such as red, orange, and yellow in this area may become frustrated with their partner for their lack of sexual passion, though this cool balance is usually what some relationships need.

The Solar Plexus Chakra
Blue auras can appear in the solar plexus region of the body at the belly button and below the heart. This indicates a balanced and healthy perception of the self complimented with self love. There is not so much self love, however, to make the person humble enough to allow for spiritual and personal development. The micro cosmos of the universe is in the solar plexus chakra which represent the macro cosmos of the bigger picture. The relationship between the micro universe and macro universes is balanced by the color blue and allows for a balanced and logical approach in the subjects perception of the universe.

The Heart Chakra
The energy controlled by the heart chakra controls to how the individual relates to others. Blue in this area is compatible with professional relationships where logical and communication is a definite compliment to business, and other professional relationships. It is interesting how many dress codes incorporate blue in the workplace. Look at Wal-Mart, one of the world's most successful businesses, and you will see why blue was (most likely subconsciously) chosen for this reason. In romantic affairs blue will aid with communication but may keep passion and a feeling of deeper connection at bay. If you find that everything but communication is lacking in your romantic relationship try wearing a blue crystal between your heart and throat chakra to enhance this energy.

The Throat Chakra
Blue is at home in the throat chakra. Just be mindful that just because your throat chakra is lacking blue energy does not mean that you lack the ability to communicate effectively, or use logical reasoning. When a blue aura is found in this region of the body you possess both strong communication, telepathic, and logical abilities. Usually this is a sign that you have already begun working out your own truth and have begun to get others to understand this.

The Third Eye ChakraThough this is not a negative alignment blue may indicate too much logical thinking when it comes to spiritual issues. This may cause problems for you if you want to develop your psychic abilities. Many people with blue in these areas tend to take on more atheistic, or skeptical views on spirituality and religious issues. This is not always the case, as many people who are deeply engrossed in metaphysical, quantum, and occult sciences can be seen to have blue auras around the third eye chakra In this case you are seeing a transition from electric blue and light blue colors to deeper blue colors bordering along the lines of indigo to violet. This is a very balanced color for people just coming into their psychic powers. You may even want to visualize this energy or use dark blue crystals around this area at first to give yourself a more grounded approach to spiritual development.

The Crown Chakra
While this is not a strange alignment it is a relatively uncommon alignment. If blue energy is found hovering over someone's head it could indicate several things. Many (but not all) spiritual guides will often have electric blue energy fields as they are constantly communicating with their student at many different levels of consciousness. If a spirit guide is channeling teaching or energy through their student you can see this as deep or electric blue energy just above the head around the crown chakra area. Other wise you need to look at the intensity or shade of blue to come to a conclusion to its significance.

Different Shades of Blue

There are infinite shades or frequencies of blue. This article is not all exhaustive on all the different shade and combinations of colors which can be found in the aura.

Grey, Grey-Blue and Dull-Blue
This is generally an indicator of a lack of energy or development in the communication, and logic, or creative expression of the individual. Dull colors are never a good sign in the aura and almost always indicate an energy blockage or immaturity in that area of the individual's development. Please be aware when you first start to see auras they will almost always appear to be a dull gray-blue or yellow color. This is not necessarily an indicator of the subjects actual energy but rather an indicator of immaturity of the viewer to see colors. With time and practice you will be able to see the full spectrum of color.

Light Blue/Baby Blue Aura
This color indicates tranquility and balance. Some times this may indicate too much tranquility bordering along complacency or apathy. This is an excellent color to bring into your aura if you are suffering from stress, anxiety, or mania.

Sky Blue Aura
This is the color of the zodiac sign Libra. It indicates balance and an aesthetic flare. These people will have a good sense of artistic creativity especially how this interacts with the environment around them. People with lots of sky blue in their aura are most likely a “people person” and will love to talk. They would make excellent careers as architects, interior designers/decorators, or Feng Shui artists.

Royal Blue Aura
As the name indicates this is the color of the leader, decision maker, and manager. These people are known for their excellent communication and leadership qualities. They lead with a stern, logical, and steady hand. People follow them because they know they will always be lead in a direction which is beneficial for all. If you are in a leadership position you may want to consider incorporating this color into your meditation or apparel. When you do give it some time to have an effect on your aura and see how your leadership style changes for the better!

Navy Blue Aura
This color has been incorporated into many uniforms of authoritarian figures particularly many police forces around the world. Navy Blue, like royal blue, is a leadership color. Navy blue possesses an energy which is a very stern, strict, and no questions asked. People with this color are usually overly serious and do not “beat around the bush” so to speak when making decisions.

Electric Blue Aura

Electric Blue Aura
This is a highly spiritual energy which is excellent for energy work. It is great at guarding against and removing negative energy from the aura. When making your psychic shield consider visualizing an electric blue energy surrounding your entire being. Breath in this energy to remove negativity from your body and mind. You can also send this energy at situations and places (not people) in the form of a blue flame which burns and cleanses negativity from the area. Make sure you get the person's permission before doing this to someone else, lest it causes you karma if the unwelcome energy comes back to you!

Crystalline Blue Aura
This color is difficult to explain. It is like the color of the sea seen afar and may contain tints of green. This is an extremely beneficial energy is is great for psychic healing. Breath this into your aura to heal inflammation, anxiety, depression, mania, or other overly unbalanced energies in your body and mind.

Though this is not actually blue it is very similar and often confused for a deep blue-purple color. This color frequency is seen as the transition between the logical mind and the spiritual mind. When this color is seen in any position in the body it shows spiritual advancement and great psychic ability.

Bringing More Blue into Your Aura

Experimenting with various shades of blue in your aura is easy!You can bring more blue into your aura in different ways via visualization, crystals, and wearing blue colors clothing and apparel.

Visualization to Increase Blue Aura Colors
Sit in quiet meditation, relaxing your body completely and letting most of the thoughts in your mind calm down. Visualize a blue ball of energy in front of your face. See and feel this energy as strongly as you can. Depending on what you want to bring into your life whether it be better decision making, better leadership, increased telepathic abilities or verbal communication; this will determine which color you should visualize. You can choose this energy or allow your higher self to make the decision. Breath in this blue ball of energy bringing it completely into your aura. Once you have completely experienced what this energy looks and feels like send this energy to which every chakra needs to be healed or developed. You will most likely need to do this several times before you notice a significant effect.

Use Blue Colored Crystals
Crystals act as nodes for energy to be transformed and directed. Blue crystals can give you a steady and consistent flow of energy to help you in any aspect of your life. Some crystals which you may want to consider using...

Blue Jade

Crystals can be used to easily make a crystal elixir which you can safely drink to bring the properties of that crystal into your body. All you need to do is suspend a crystal so that the sunlight filters through the crystal into a glass of water. Let the crystal's energy charge the water for several hours before drinking the elixir. It is best to drink the water immediately, so if the water is too hot place of few ice cubes in before drinking.

Use this information in conjunction to any intuitive insights you are getting when viewing your own or another person's aura as these intuitive insights are guiding you with higher wisdom and infused knowledge. What I have written here is merely a guideline to give general knowledge as to what blue auras indicate in relevance to the frequency and location these colors.

Have fun reading auras and try not to take too serious of an approach. Play with your own energy to experiment with different colors and keep a journal to log your experiments. You will soon notice what profound effects these colors have on your overall life experience.

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Blue Aura Healing Crystals

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire Aura Crystal

Known as the wisdom stone, Sapphire focuses and calms the mind releasing unwanted thoughts and mental tension. Depression, spiritual confusion, and the attraction of prosperity are what this valuable stone brings. It also assists with self-expression.

Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura activates spiritual energy and frees you from limitations. It deepens communication on all levels assisting with verbal and telepathic communication as well as channeling spirits and energy.

Colbalt Aura Quartz

Though this crystal is created using synthetic processes its energy is no less potent. Along with its general qualities the blue cobalt quartz crystal is used to bring your multidimensional energy into tune with your will, allowing you to express your self on many different levels, both physical and psychic.


This is a stone of great abundance being widely available and reasonably priced. Its effects are none the less very powerful and I would recommend that everyone has at least a small sample of turquoise on hand. As such, this stone increases your own abundance both spiritually, and physically. It bridges the spiritual and spiritual worlds by working with the heart chakra. Turquoise also works with the throat chakra increasing leadership abilities causing people to gravitate towards you. The healing properties of turquoise works on issues concerning attitudes towards self. Working with the Solar-Plexus chakra it increases self-love and helps heal attitudes of self sabotage.