Auras are fields of bio active energy which emit in all directions from every living organism. It is produced by the seven known energy bodies which corespond to the seven chakras. The state of each chakra will determine the color and quality of the individual's aura.

This energy system is a reflection of our physical, emotional, and spiritual states. When one learns to read auric energy patterns one can self diagnose a wide variety of issues which may be underlying causes of many physical and mental illnesses as well as sources of unhappiness or discomfort in your life.

Not only is it possible to learn to read energy patterns contained within the aura but it is also possible to manipulate them to affect positive change in your spiritual energy system.

Humans have always known about the bio-active energy system surrounding living creatures. In China this life force is called "qi" and in India it was called "prana" and today it is commonly refered to as "life force".

Holy figures through out the world are often depicted with halos around their head or light emitting from the back and sides of the figure. On one level or another we can all sense this energy whether you get a strange feeling about someone or someplace, or whether you like or dislike a person for a reason apparently unknown to you.

We are all processing this information on a sub-conscious level at all times. We just need to bring this information to a higher state of awareness in order to actively use it. Doing so will give you definite information which you can use to your advantage, effectively increasing your ability to make informed decisions.

How We Sense Energy

There are two main ways people perceive auras. The first and most popular way is through clairvoyance (being able to see them) or through empathy (being able to feel them).

It is a good idea to learn to perceive energy fields both ways as it may not always be possible to see an energy field. Being able to see life force energy is of immense value as well, not only for the wealth of information which can be gained, but also for the enrichment it adds to your life.

As with all psychic powers, anyone can learn to see energy fields. It is just a matter of bringing a latent skill into your higher consciousness and learning to yield your power. Learning the basics of this skill is easy and can be done within minutes, though mastery can take years of consistant and devoted practice.

What is in an Aura?

There are numerous elements contained within the human energy system. Usually there are various colors representing energies related to the state of the seven chakras.

Sometime one can see symbols and shapes representing archetypical thought forms which are manifesting in the subject's life.

Human energy fields can have various shapes and sizes. Auras which are extended very far from the body signify very extroverted individuals whereas introverted individuals will keep their auras very close to their bodies.

Very intellectual people may be seen with inverse conical energies extended upwards. Sometimes other entities can be see in an energy field. Dark clouds or black shapes can signify a negative entity which has latched onto its victim, whereas white lights, and glimmers signify spiritual guides. Gaurdian angels can be seen as a white light hovering over the one which it protects.

It is also important to note that some people's auras may seem to have spiky tendrils protruding from it. This is a sign of a psychic vampire.

Aura Color Meanings

Click on the colored links below to learn more about each aura color and their respective meanings.

Bright Red

Bright red colors mean vitality, health, and energy. This color relates to the first chakra which controls the heart, blood, and immune system. If this color is seen in or around other chakras you may have physical healing occurring in that area. If this color is in the 6th and 7th chakras it shows leadership. Too much of this color may symbolize over stimulation due to stress. This is the color of Aires and Scorpio (blood red).

Dark Red/Earthen Brown

This color represents a strong grounded connection to the Earth and physical plane. This is a steadfast color which shows reliability, sincerity, good health, and groundedness. Too much of this color especially around the upper chakras can mean a lack of spiritual or intellectual depth and excessive materialism. This is the color of Virgo and Capricorn (dark brown).

Ruddy Red

Ruddy red colors are a difficult color to make out in the aura. Usually it will appear as a discoloration in the aura making it appear murky. Empaths will feel this murkiness as a heavy energy around an individual. Ruddiness in the aura (usually accentuated by red) is mostly caused by stagnant energy from anger, frustration, and irritation.


Large amounts of orange in the aura shows a great deal of independence. Orange is the color of emotions and depending on where it is located in the aura will show emotional energy being allocated to that area of the body. This is also the color of the reproductive organs, sexuality, creativity, energy, and excitement. Dull orange colors could mean emotional trauma or repression. This is the color of Leo.


This is the color of will power, intellect, and creativity. It is an inherently positive color and those with lots of yellow in their aura are generally optimistic and full of energy. This is the color of Gemini.

Emerald Green Aura

This is the color of healing. People with lots of this color in their aura have a paticular ability to use healing energies. It symbolizes compassion, love, and connectedness. This is the color of Pisces.

Pea Green/Ruddy Green

A ruddy green color symbolizes envy and jealously. This person is trying to follow another persons spiritual path and is unable to manifest effectively due to the fact that they are limiting themselves to what they see in other people.

Sky Blue

Relaxation and tranquility. Lack of worry and stress. Regeneration, balance, and fertility. This color is good to wear if you are overstimulated due to high degrees of stress. This is the color of Libra.

Electric Blue

Strong psychic energy. Spiritual guides, guardian angles (usually mixed with brilliant white). Possible telekinetic power. The ability to form psychic shields.


Strong visual or clairvoyant powers. Strong powers of perception and discernment. Great spiritual and psychic power.


Strong intuitive power. You have a great power to access information of the Akashic records. Connection to the divine. Spiritual wisdom. This is the color of Sagittarius.

This generally represents a lack of energy, or a severe energy blockage. This is generally the color that you will see when you first begin to see auras, and should be taken lightly until you are capable of perceiving the full spectrum of color.

Brilliant White
This color shows a great connection to the divine creator, the First Cause. Possibly Pleiadian energy. This is the color of Cancer.

This is an unusual color. There is a lot of speculation as to what this color actually means. It generally shows negative entities which are parasites and have latched onto another being’s energy system. This is also the color of concealment, someone with lots of this color is trying to hide something usually a negative intention, or a negative entity which they are entertaining. It could also show concealment due to desire for privacy, or self protection. When this is mixed with other colors it can show energetic damage or corruption. This is also the color of power, influence, and control. This is one of the colors of Capricorn and Scorpio.

Gold is a high vibration color. It shows spiritual attunement and possibly even enlightenment. High degree of spiritual attainment and psychic energy. A high potential to manifest. This is also one of the colors of Leo.

This color shows the love of physical beauty, aesthetics, and an artistic flair. It can also symbolize love of self. Excessive amounts of pink can show vanity, superficiality, and materialism. This is the color of Taurus.

This color represents communication both intellectual and emotional. It represents peace and order and the leaderships which it takes to achieve this. This is another good color to wear to combat excessive red due to over stimulation from stress. This is one of the colors of Aquarius.

Energy of Other Beings

All living creatures emanate life force energy. This classification includes the mineral kingdom. Though minerals such as crystals do not appear to be alive to us they do infact emanate powerful energy and pulse with a form of consciousness which is different and more pure form of consciousness. The energy contained within crystals can be useful for the healing and replinishment of our own bio energy and utilized to extend the capabilities of our psychic powers.

Inanimate objects may seem to glow with an aura, this is infact not the case. If you do preceive a glow around an object what you are seeing is the astral counterpart of an object.

Most of the time an object's astral counterpart exists roughly in the same "space" as its physical counterpart. If you are able to see this glow this is good news for you because this means that you are a natural clairvoyant.

Learning to See Energy Fields

One of the biggest struggles in learning how to see auras is when and where to practice. I would not recommend that the beginner start practicing on people out in public as this may cause problems for you should you get caught staring at someone.

Begin at home, practicing on yourself, your pets, on plants and with friends. Having a friend to practice with will be an asset to you because you can also practice energy healing with them further enhancing your psychic education.

Another method of developing your auric sight is to listen to isochronic tones and binaural beats specially made for opening up the pathways in your brain to help you develop your auric sight

This new technology works in a very unique way, linking the two hemispheres of the brain allowing for a more comprehensive thought process to begin. Listening to binaural beats during regular meditation can help you to passively learn psychic abilities.

Photographing Living Energy Fields

A Soviet scientist named Semyon Kirilian discovered the process now known as Kirlian photography in 1939. This type of photography uses electric fields instead of light to produce photographs. This process is alleged to produce photographs of the bio-energy field surrounding living creatures.

Though there are many skeptics of this technique, it is generally accepted in both the New Age community and many scientists as a valid means of photographing the energy fields of many living organisms.

Today, there are many methods of photographing and even capturing the movements and changes in the auric field on video. Many of these systems are very costly but offer some degree of empirical evidence that the energy fields that surround each and every one of us are very real parts of our existence!

Don't believe in this energy? Watch the video below. The video was made with an bio-energy imaging program which allows you to view your aura in real time.

Learn to See Auras

Learn to see auras in only 5 minutes of practice a day with the simple techniques in the next page. Click the above link to read more.

Learn to Give Yourself an Aura Cleansing

Click the above link to learn how you can cleanse your own aura without the need to see a spiritual healer. Learn to give yourself an aura cleansing whenever and where ever you need it the most.

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