Astral Projection

Astral Projection, also known as an out of body experience, or OBE, is one of the most validating experiences one can have.

I understand that those just starting out on their spiritual journey are in need of validation and proof of their own potential... I was there once. However, once you have a controlled OBE you will no longer need to doubt the existence of the astral plane, or the existence of psychic powers as you will have discovered your own proof through first hand experience.

For anyone wanting to develop their psychic powers, learning to astral travel is an excellent starting point.

Astral projection is also commonly referred to as astral travel. Though the difference between the two is relatively insignificant, there are some stark differences between the two terms.

Astral Projection
This is the process of separating the astral body from the physical body. In the case of astral projection you may or may not get to astral travel once the astral body is separated from the physical. This is greatly dependent on your level of skill and experience with astral travel and how you overcome barriers which you may come up against while trying to leave your body.

Astral Travel
Astral Travel is simply referring to any travel which takes place upon the astral plane. Astral projection always happens during astral travel, though one is not always aware of the the separation taking place at the time. This is especially true for those who realize they are dreaming and then wake up to the realities of the astral planes. One may have to consciously clear the dream scape environment in order to see the astral plane as this commonly obscures one's vision of the true astral world.

What Happens During Astral Projection?

During an OBE your astral body separates from your physical body which allows you to freely explore the wonders of the astral plane. This is a completely natural process which occurs when you dream. In fact when you astral travel it is no more than being in a state of self awareness and outward projection of your consciousness while you are in the theta state.

The theta state is two distinctive levels deeper than the waking beta state of consciousness. This is the state where we experience REM sleep and is a natural part of the sleep cycle. The problem most people encounter when learning to astral travel is to stay self-conscious during the transition from beta to alpha then to theta. The habit of falling unconscious is a tough one to break.

Using isochronic tones to help you to achieve theta state as well as keeping you self-aware is one of the few (cost effective) aids which are available on the market today.

The greatest difference between a dream and astral traveling is that you are completely lucid and have full control over your experiences. OBEs differ from lucid dreams in the fact that when you have a lucid dream you are projecting your consciousness inwards whereas when you astral travel you are projecting your consciousness outward onto the astral plane.

Overcoming Fear is Essential to Success.

If you are having any reservations or fears about astral travel just remind yourself that you already do it on a nightly basis. Most nights when we dream we are unconsciously astral traveling.

Keeping this in mind, it is absolutely safe and no harm can come to you while you travel the astral plane.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

  • Have you ever sustained an injury from an dream?
  • If your spirit is immortal and does not consist of physical matter, can anything truly harm you?
  • You can always come back to your body at anytime. This will happen instantly no matter how far you stray from your physical body. It is actually very difficult to stay "out" of your body.
  • You cannot become possessed.
  • You cannot become lost in the "further".

Some people are afraid that they will get lost and be unable to return to their body, or that they may become possessed when their astral body leaves their physical body behind. Both of these common fears about astral projection are baseless and centered around misconceptions of the astral plane.

Once you begin to have more and more success with astral travel you will soon realize that it is indeed difficult to stay in the astral plane and may all too easily get forced back in your body or into an unconscious dream.

I, myself, have traveled the astral plane countless times and have never become possessed nor have I ever heard of anyone becoming possessed due to an out of body experience.

If at any time during astral travel you want to return to your body all you need to do is think about your body and you will return instantly. There are also several psychic self defense techniques you can do before beginning to project to protect you from negative energy should you find yourself in the lower realms of the astral plane.

Negative entities do inhabit the lower astral plane but they cannot do any physical harm to you. Most of the time they attempt to frighten you so that you will get forced back into your body. They do this only to frighten you away from the astral plane, as they do not want you to develop spiritually.

Facing these entities are not entirely necessary as you can raise your own vibrational frequency and move to a higher plane where negative entities cannot exist.

I have faced these entities several time, but soon found that engaging in a confrontation results in wasted time and energy as you cannot do harm to them and they cannot do harm to you. We have limited time in the astral and should use it wisely to advance our physical and spiritual lives.

Why Learn Astral Projection?

Many people have asked me, "Why would I want to spend so much time and energy on learning astral projection?" My answer to that is "why not!?" There are so many useful things that can learned from the astral plane. You can learn things about yourself and find definate answers to questions you may have which we can only philosophize and speculate about here on the physical.

Past Life Regression
You can see your past lives by simply intending to do so. You may see one specific life time or you may see several at once.

The Akashic Records
The Akashic Records, the compendium of all universal events past, present, and future can be accessed through astral travel. If there is no other reason to learn astral projection, it is to gain access to this amazing database.

Experience Zero Limitations
You can do things that would be physically impossible here on Earth such as walk through walls and fly. Meeting up with other astral travelers, astral creatures, or the recently deceased is another possibility. On the astral plane there are temples, and places of spiritual healing and learning which do not exist on the Earth Plane and are accessable only on the astral. Time travel is also a possiblity. You can travel back in time or foward into the probable future.

You can travel to places you've always wanted to go, or to places that may be physically inaccessible by normal means such as the bottom of the ocean or other planets. When you develop the powers of your consciousness and a strong sense of self awareness other abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy, and intuition open up easily and naturally.

Spiritual Validation
As I mentioned earlier, astral projection is such a profound experience that it dispels any disbelief in the existence of the astral plane, the immortal soul, or the afterlife. There is a certain sense of knowingness that one not only experiences, but becomes when fully conscious on the astral planes. The knowingness opens up other psychic faculties easier and more naturally than any other practice.

If you are fully aware while you astral travel you can receive positive life changing advice from your spiritual advisers or spirit guides who have your best intentions in mind.

When you develop the powers of your consciousness and a strong sense of self awareness other abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy, and intuition open up easily and naturally.

How Do I Start Learning Astral Travel?

The real secret to a successful out of body experience is to remain self aware while you dream so that you can consciously travel. Being fully conscious of your dream states will allow you to take full control of your experiences.

Here are some of the key factors for a successful astral projection:

In order to learn how to astral travel you must first learn to relax completely and free your mind from unnecessary worries, fears, and stresses. It is also absolutely essential that you get plenty of sleep and are well rested otherwise you will fall asleep too quickly and spend too much time in the delta state. Need help with relaxation? Consider trying relaxation isochronic tones.

Recording Your Theta State Experiences
Falling asleep too quickly will compromise your ability to maintain the self awareness necessary to astral travel and sleeping too deeply and will also keep you from being able to recall your sleeping experiences.

What is the point of working so hard to achieve an out of body experience if you do not remember the experience? Keeping a dream diary will also help you identify dream state vs. waking state experiences and will help you recall your theta state experiences more readily.

Consistently logging your dreams is a good way for you to not only learn how to astral project but also a way of tracking your spiritual development. If you are having prophetic dreams you can look back through your journal and see which ones came true.

Lucid Dream Induced OBEs
Some people find it easier to astral travel from a lucid dream than to project straight from the waking state (beta state) of consciousness. There is no right or wrong way to learn how to astral travel.

If you are finding it difficult to learn astral projection you may consider listening to isochronic tones before going to bed, or perhaps during an afternoon nap. These isochronic tones are proven to induce the hypnogogic state required to induce astral projection.

During your astral projection meditations you may have random
clairvoyant visions and you may have bursts of clairaudience. This is natural and means that you are on the right path. Remember that all psychic powers are related to your self awareness. The more aware you are that you are an infinite being with unlimited potential the more psychic power you will possess.

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