The Astral Plane

The astral plane is a fourth dimensional field of energy which is composed of varying frequency levels. In ancient times the concepts of astral planes or “planetary spheres” were widely accepted by polytheistic religions and Eastern philosophies alike.

The history which we inherited from our ancestors is reflected in our belief systems which we hold to this day. Our ancestor's experience with the fourth dimensional realm is reflected in our beliefs in the immortal soul, the after life, heaven, and hell.

Over time and by loss of the knowledge of our ancestors the astral plane became something of superstition and myth. People came to fear the spiritual world as a whole rather than see it as a useful tool for opening the consciousness.

The Astral Body

Everything that exists on the Earth Plane has an astral counter part commonly known as the astral body. The astral body, though very important to our every day lives is often ignored, putting people into spiritual confusion and fear.

We are all rooted in the spiritual world by the astral body. Without this firm rooting we would be unable to access our psychic powers. Every one of us experiences this connection in our daily lives, these experiences account for intuition, or gut feelings; clairvoyance, clairaudience, and dreams.

Some people are more aware and accept these multi dimensional experiences and are thus more capable in tuning their consciousnesses into their psychic powers more easily than others.

Without the awareness of what is going on around you in the astral planes, you are denying yourself powerful tools to open your consciousness to your true spiritual potential.

Astral Beings

The astral world is filled with many different life forms. Some of these life forms have both physical and astral counter parts, while others are astral "natives" and do not have physical bodies.

Most of the beings which inhabit the astral plane will not be concerned by your presence. Some of the beings are benign while others are of less than savory nature.

astral angel

Astral Angels

These beings inhabit many levels of dimensional existence. They are highly advanced spiritual beings of pure consciousness. Astral angels will help protect you from negative entities and can impart spiritual knowledge which will help you grow in ever increasing consciousness. This class also encompasses that which we call “spirit guides”.

Astral Shells

The being most of us call a "ghost" is actually a shell of the astral body the spirit leaves behind. All spirits will eventually leave behind their astral bodies to experience new incarnations.

Demonic Entities
Thought form beings which were created by fear driven belief systems in the world's major religions. Most of the ancient gods and goddesses were demonized by the Roman Catholic Church in the early years of Christianity. Not all of them are evil. Those that we call demons are merely thought forms scared by negativity and fear.


The term 'ghost' is very generally used to refer to a wide variety of beings. They encompass everything from astral travelers, the deceased, to thought forms and elementals.

Negative Entities

These beings inhabit the lower vibrational spectra of the astral plane. They are energetic parasites. Negative entities cannot cause you physical harm, yet they should be avoided. Psychic vampirism can drain you of vital energy, diminish your consciousness, and lower your vibrational frequency.

Thought Forms

Thought forms constitute a huge portion of the inhabitant and landscape of the astral world. This class is very diverse in nature encompassing everything from buildings to very convincing humanoid replicas.


The astral plane is made up of differing "densities" or vibrational frequencies. These frequencies correspond to their proximity to the Earth Plane.

The lowest frequencies are commonly referred to as the "negative astral" and the higher frequencies are referred to as the "positive astral".

The lower astral planes tend to be darker, color is duller, and the astral matter is heavier. Our collective concepts of a “hell” originate from the negative or lower astral frequencies.
The higher frequencies are vibrant in color; detail is sharper and more pronounced than anything you have ever seen on the physical plane. Matter is very light and mold-able to one's thoughts at these levels.

The higher planes of existence are much more useful to the astral traveler as here you can meet your spiritual guides, visit temples of spiritual learning and healing, and access the Akashic Records.

Some of the structures mentioned above exist only on the astral plane.

Feelings, thoughts, and actions all impact the astral plane. If we erect a structure in the physical world we will see it in the astral world. Though the opposite is not always true. There are some beings and locales which do not have physical counterparts.

When we express a feeling like fear or love we create these same conditions around us in the astral planes. Fear and love vibrate at opposite frequencies. Fear vibrates at a very low frequency and love at a very high frequency.

Each emotion contains a specific frequency. Emotions which impact you (or others) negatively, tend to lower your vibrational frequency. Lowering your vibrational frequency will result in an experience on the negative planes.

During my astral travels, I have noticed a strong correlation between brainwave frequencies and vibrational frequencies. Brainwave frequencies strongly contribute to our ability to astral project, and what we will experience on the astral planes.

Isochronic tones are very helpful for regulating brainwave frequencies overcoming negative emotions as well as to assist with consciousness development.

Time Travel

The nature of forth dimensionality allows one to free move between space/times. This type of travel is strongly associated with vibrational frequency and is greatly dependent on your brainwave frequency.

During astral travel one may feel confused by the fact that many time/space, space/times converge into one reality. Many people report that they have astral projected into their room and see furniture from past (and possibly future) inhabitants.

In my experience, I tend to see strange scenes of overlapping furniture and structures which seem to exist in the same space. To me it makes perfect sense while my awareness is in my astral body. Coming back to my physical body; however, causes my memory to become distorted as the brain does not translate forth dimensional experiences into third dimensional memory complexes very well.

For this reason it is best to only travel in one space time at once. This is done simply by intending to have a specific experience in either the present, past, or future. You intention can clear the clutter away allowing you to focus on your objectives.<br></br>
It is possible to travel into the past and see the probable future. This can give you insight into what the future may hold for you or others.

Clarifying the past is a powerful tool which the astral plane can open up to you. It is possible to review any past event as the truth is stored eternally in the Akashic Records.

Overcoming Confusion

The astral plane can be a great source of confusion for many travelers.

This confusion is partly due to the fact that astral matter is mold-able to our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. The novice traveler will soon find that their fears, beliefs, and desires manifest themselves before their very eyes. On top of that, one may not be aware of the time/space, space/time convergence which happens in the fourth dimension.

This leads one into the possibility of exploring one's dreams and fantasies through astral projection. Fantasies which may be impossible on the physical plane, suddenly become a true possibility for you. This also leads one into the possibilities of living out one's worst nightmares.

It is important that one travels with an non judgmental mind, and to accept astral experiences for what they are, projections of the mind upon a fourth dimensional field of energy.

The truth of the astral plane can empower you, yet its illusions can trick you into unconscious confusion. Keeping an open mind to the subjectiveness of the astral world will help you get a better feel of forth dimensional mechanics. These mechanics are what drives our psychic powers, and once fully understood opens new doors you never imagined existed.

The Akashic Records

Imagine all of the multi-verse’s collective knowledge of every event, every happening right at your fingertips. The Akashic Records is such a collection which is available for you to access at any time using only the power contained within your mind.

The Astral Plane, Karma, and Sin

Some people may be asking themselves the question of what karma, sin, the after life, and the astral plane all have in common. These are my personal experiences with the negative astral planes and assessment of how karma and sin relate to the afterlife.

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